Cards of Adipose - An upcoming game

Hi. Yeah so imma make a game with a heavy emphasis on art quality and gameplay. Gonna be a mix of Inscription, Miitopia, and classic nintendo turn-based games like pokemon. But here’s the twist: it includes fat women who get fatter. Fully animated battle sequences, stories for individual characters, an overarching storyline, and a full map this baby is gonna eat up your time.


Story (basic concept):
The nations of Adipose have been living peacefully for the past millennia or so but recently a powerful creature (or person idk yet) has found a home within an old castle keep, and while it seems to not be hurting anyone, everyone has been finding it harder and harder to manage their waistlines recently. A team of adventures have been tasked with meeting this powerful new foe and confronting them about the dangers of obesity and the general health of the populace. As you make your way to the keep you may find that things are not so bad when they are bigger.


  • You will build a team of adventures you meet through out your journey, setting up camps and reestablishing peace where it is necessary
  • Encounters can be started when traveling from place to place, like in Miitopia
  • Your characters, called Wisps, will each have their own deck of cards that allow them to attack, defend, and help their allies
  • Each Wisp and enemy you will meet will have a body type that determines the nature or their gain (look under “Types” if you want to find out more)
  • Every Wisp has a certain amount of weight stages (10-14 for now), and once they reach their Destined Weight (not max weight, just the size they are most comfortable at) their combat type will change and they will unlock their special, a powerful card unique to each Wisp
  • After their Destined Weight a Wisp may reach immobility, at which point they will setup camp and stay behind, granting buffs in the area around their camp and generating useful items and foods
  • There will be 3 types of weight stages: Basic, Destined, and Immobile. The amount of stages of each type will vary from Wisp to Wisp, and some will be more useful in certian stage types than others.

Body Types: These will determine where gained weight goes on a Wisp’s body, and affects base stats like attack, defense, and speed.

  • Triangle: Lower body (butt, legs and hips). Superior Speed stats.
  • Inverted Triangle: Upper body (bazonka honkas). Superior Attack stats.
  • Square: Middle (belly and waist). Superior Defense stats.
  • There are more but it’s kinda useless to describe them all, they’re just mixes of the base 3.


  • weight will play a big part in gameplay, determining stats and guiding exploration
  • Higher weights will have decreased speed but high Allure, a stat that can help with easily dispatching lighter foes (more about Allure below) and will slow down exploration a bit, but certian stages can lead to insane stat changes
  • Destined Weight: Wisps will be the happiest in this weight range, and will have insane Allure and Content stats (more about Content below). A Wisp at their Destined weight unlocks their unique special card, and will be key in beating end-game levels
  • Immobile: Immobile Wisps have gained to the point of becoming an immovable object, and are useless in combat. However, they will set up a camp where they got stuck, and will provide buffs, items, food, and possibly even quests and rewards. Weight will be greatly fluid in the game, so an Immobile Wisp will always be able to lose weight if you want them to.
  • Allure: A lot like special attack in pokemon, deals great damage against most foes (most foes will have low or average Content) and can help you influnce the size of other Wisps in your party. Increases effectiveness of Magic and buff/debuff attacks.
  • Content: a lot like the special defense in pokemon; Wisps with higher content stats will be more resistant to Allure-based actions. Content is mostly weight-based, as Wisps will be happiest at the Destined Weight. (This will help you keep Wisps at their Destined Weight). There will be a more hidden mechanic where a Wisps’ content may be negatively effected if they encounter a foe or other npc of the body type they are weak to and a weight around the Wisp’s Destined Weight.
  • Gaining: Some attacks (normally Magic, Special, and Allure attacks) can influence an enemy or Wisp’s weight or their desire to change it. If a stage change is triggered in combat Wisps and Foes will be rendered unusable for the rest of the battle, this is where Magic attacks will be most useful.


  • Camps will be player-made waypoints you can place around the map, if you have the supplies to do so
  • At camps you will be able to feed Wisps, heal, swap out party members and inventory items, cook, and possibly meet new Wisps or other helpful characters.
  • Camps with Immobile Wisps at them will be the most benefical, providing a Content stat boost
  • You will be able to talk and pursue story elements of your Wisps at Camps and unlock side quests and possibly secrets by doing so.

Wisps (concept stage - under heavy development)

  • Wisp Types determine what cards you can assign to a Wisp, and what will be most effective.

  • Willow: A humble forest spirit with a surprisingly corporeal body. Hates vegetarians.
    Body type: Pear Destined Weight: Stage 6
    Basic Wisp Type: Support (Defense and Speed) Immobile Weight: Stage 12
    Destined Type: Entertainer (Attack and Speed)
    Immobile Perk: Cooks quality (meat) meals and crafts items.

(so very unfinished concept art just a placeholder for now - going to replace and add more soon)

  • Clara: A ghost who really knows how to have fun. Died doing so at the ripe age of 23.
    Body Type: Orange Destined Weight: Stage 8
    Basic Type: Rampant (Attack and Defense) Immobile Weight: Stages 10+
    Destined Type: Protector (Defense and Health)
    Immobile Perk: Provides a defense buff
    ( I have concept art but i can add more than one file >:(((((((( )

  • Justine: A bubbly slime girl who just wants to see the numbers of her friends grow.
    Body Type: Hourglass
    (Still being designed)

  • Crovidia: A woman cursed with the likeness of a crow.

  • Koocie: (pronounced cookie) An… interesting enigma.

  • And many more to come


This looks very promising so far, I wish you the best of luck with this project!

You’ve got a lot of moving parts to this, I hope it’s not overly ambitious and that you can pull it off! It certainly seems interesting


yeah gonna get 3 characters done, build a scene in unity and see how that goes lmao


Sounds like an ambitious project! Good luck with the work

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Good luck, i won’t be able to play it when is uploaded but still seems an interesting game

I nearly missed this one, thankfully I did not, and you have my interest.

Great interest


Wow this looks really cool! Definitely will be keeping an eye on this one lol.