Cards of Gluttony - a gay, weight gain card game [v0.4 released on 01/04/2023!]

If you mean different fat distributions, then it might be a thing at some point! But considering I would have to draw even more sprites for each piece of clothing, it likely won’t be happening any time soon.

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Thanks for the great feedback!

The speed of weight loss will definitely have tweaks of some sort. For now, the numbers will likely stay the same, with more options and opening up over time that make it faster as the game goes on.
The Gym Level is already one of the things meant to do this, with more and better cards coming in with each level, and it even increases your starting hand size at some levels!

The unpredictability is meant to sort of nudge you into staying around a spot where you’re able to react in time, but I can see how that makes it frustrating. I’ll probably look into this at some point!


Heeey, so, not sure how it happened, but I managed to slim down to 20 at some point in the game, went through the story of getting smaller fitting clothes and how you can buy new ones at the store if you want. I don’t know if it was me save scumming the Darwin fight just to see how little weight I end up after beating him, but basically I bought the basic shirt. I do remember saving afterwards, and then loading the game again and finding the same shirt on the store, when it shouldn’t be available again. Checked my closet, and there it is, but called Null.

I can put it on, so I technically have it. But I can “buy” it again at the store by repeatedly going in and leaving. Throw 5 money away, I guess. So that’s something to look into.

Thanks for letting me know! Should be fixed in the next update!

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  • the fight with darwin was… frustrating. i got it on day 20, at which point i had basically just hit 20 weight. i was a little slow on the uptake and didn’t update my deck beforehand, and i clicked one of his “give in” cards by accident, so i was at 50 by the end. then and then had less than 10 days to get back to 20 again. to top that off, i had forgotten to save, and the autosave feature wasn’t very useful in that situation. i’m not sure what i’d do to change this, but it definitely annoyed me more than i think was likely intended, but that really might be my fault. the minigames after that just kind of felt like a slog because of how much progress i lost, and i ended up not being able to talk to gordon because of this. i’ll probably have to start the entire thing over again :skull:

  • for character customization, i’d like to see different facial features, especially w/ regards to different ethnicities. the dude i made had dark skin, but the main characters face was pretty clearly designed with white features in mind, so it looked a little odd, lol

  • i’ll echo the fact that losing weight takes a LONG time, especially w/ that fight basically putting you back at square one.

  • could there be an option to make fishing shorter? i know the aim of a fishing minigame is usually to be relaxing, but there’s not exactly much else to do every day, so most of my playtime was just kinda spent waiting for a fish to pop up.

  • ikem :sparkling_heart:

  • i do find it kind of odd that a weight gain fetish game’s gameplay centers mainly on losing weight, but i think that’s probably just something that comes with a format like this

sorry if this seems overly critical, but WOW that darwin fight killed me. i’ll probably be playing again because i want to see the rest of the game, but it kind of completely locked me out of completing the objective because of some oversights on my part, which wasn’t very fun.

i actually really enjoyed my time with this, but i have trouble articulating good parts about things i enjoy. this is still by and large the best male-centered game on this sight, so i hope the comments here will help you make it even better


Thank you very much for the feedback! And no worries about being critical, it’s good to hear all sorts of opinions.

  • For better or for worse, the conversation with Gordon is exactly where v0.2 ends, so there won’t be anything to see there anyways. All of the new content very much lies in the optional parts like Darwin.
    The way things are right now, you will definitely need to play through multiple saves to see everything. It’s really a consequence of the current date limit, which is a very awkward design choice I had to make as a way to gate players from skipping past content that doesn’t exist yet.

  • To be completely honest, the skin tones and character customization in general were something I just tacked in before releasing the initial prototype. The first release basically only had the color options (not even hairstyles), which meant all I had to do was tint the sprites without having to draw new ones. So this is a very good thing to note and I’ll have to get around to doing that!

  • As for the fishing: this is another unfortunate by-product of the unfinished nature of the game. I intend to add more things to do besides fishing (in fact, the jogging minigame was basically created as “the one other thing to do besides fishing”).


I did jogging to help lose weight faster but i had to change the speed in the options to help out. I think the fishing since it rewards you with items, cards and money will always be used to spend time and rewards, maybe have jogging find one random item or money at the end of the lap just to balance it out.
Also, my suggestion for the end date of future demos, maybe allow you to sleep and pass to the next day but the counter remains the same? The worst case scenario would be for hoarding, as i probably would save money to get as many meals as i wanted :stuck_out_tongue:


finished the game! i’m really glad i did, because i wouldn’t have been able to see my man Ikem otherwise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i GOTTA date him. or make him fat. or have him make me fat. or all three at once. i’m not picky i just love him so bad.

either way, although it might not make sense plotwise, i think there really should be a spot to save before the darwin fight. maybe you have a chance to back out when you hear yelling, or something like that? idk, i just dont want someone to have to do what i did, lmao

also managed to finish the beau plotline and i’m very glad i did, because it was really sweet. is there going to be a dating system in this game? if so then take the beginning of this post 3 times over

great time!


once again thoroughly enjoyed this update!! i still think this is shaping up to be one of the best male wg games out there! when it comes to criticism i have to echo what other players have said; the fishing feels very tedious and slow, i can easily imagine it being boring on repeated playthroughs. And also kaiser made a good point about what if on the day the months content ends the date could just loop indefinitely?

Also unrelated but i super adore ikem and i think the store clerk looks cute. Additionally i hope we can increase our max weight at one point, then we could work on gaining weight too!


i also think the infinite loop would be best, and the increase of maximum weight. the main character does seem a little scrawny at the beginning of the game, maybe by increasing muscle mass they could hold more weight on their frame.


I just thought of this. If the demo will allow infinite looping, wouldn’t it also make sense that future updates won’t use that save file, since you might get overpowered in a way from that?


I stumbled upon this game recently and this pretty much has to be the best male weight gain game I’ve played. I can see some things that need a bit of improvement, but, most of them have already been pointed out in previous comments. Really, the only thing I can find issue with is the lack of ability to get cards as fishing doesn’t guarantee it and crafting takes a bit to open up. However, I’m assuming you already have something in mind for that and I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for it for encounters, cards and the story itself. Incredible job so far!


…I just thought of something. Would it make sense for the Stout group…To have an RnD department, and they can help make cards for you?


Okay! Now that I have played through the update, here are my thoughts, and I’ll try not to hound on the things others have already covered:

Overall, great update. I can really see the direction you’re taking the game in with this one.

-Character customization: I like that you’ve added new hair textures to the hairstyle lineup, and most of the new hairstyles are great, however in general, I feel that they’re a bit too similar to each other, especially the default styles. Many of them are just slightly different flavors of short, and the longer hairstyles just don’t look good. They need a background layer to go behind the head/shoulders so that they don’t just look like someone stapled a ponytail to the sides of the head.
-I believe I mentioned this before as well, but I do still think the darker PC skin colors should be reworked. Some of them are quite grey, so I think upping the saturation slightly would fix that problem.

As others have said, the fishing system is more of a waiting game than a minigame. I found the jogging to be rather tedious as well, and would prefer to just go to the gym since there’s more gameplay involved in that, but unfortunately you can’t go every day.

It would be cool if we could sell foraged and fished goods at the store as a way to make extra money. Not sure if that’s planned already, but figured I’d say it just in case. Also hope we get more content with the cashier. He’s a cutie.

Speaking of cuties, Ted is a great addition to the cast! Well, my personal favorite of the new faces anyway. Ikem is cute too. Not a fan of the older guys, but to each his own. I’m glad you’re diversifying so that everyone can have a treat. Hoping we get some more boyishly handsome guys in the running in the future as well, but that’s just personal preference talking.

As it is now, with only being able to craft randomly, it doesn’t really feel worth it to go. I fully skipped it on my subsequent playthroughs because making one card didn’t seem worth the time. If there was a way to make crafting more consistent or often, then I think that would be a good way to balance it out.

With all that being said, I have to agree that this is one of the best, if not THE best, male weight gain game out there at the moment. Really looking forward to see what you do next!


I was thinking something along those lines too. Like, they’d have someone who makes cards for them and you can purchase premade cards or craft them yourself there. There’d probably have to be a limit on either how many times you can craft a day or when the crafting is available.

the clothing system is super cute, think you could add like an outfit with an open plaid shirt with a tanktop underneath?

That’s my kind of fashion, so something like that will definitely make it into the game at some point.


Thanks you for the hard work you put into this game. I stumbled on COG through Gaining Sites. And not being a “Gammer” I am slowly learning the ropes of how to play it (haven’t beaten Tom yet, but got him to fat once for his clothes which was so hot! :joy:) The game play is challenging (as a newcomer to this it is taking me so much time to grasp the rules). Your artistic talents are fantastic and your dialogue content of the characters is so erotic at times. I Love it! Really appreciate your efforts.


Hey everybody, it’s been a hot minute! Version 0.3 is now officially out, not piping hot and fresh, but instead pleasantly cool. That is because this update has been out on the Patreon for a while, and I sure took my sweet time to prepare all of the usual social media announcements and whatnots.

This time, I have put together a lil’ video showcasing some of the new things added, which you can see here:

But of course if you want to go in completely blind, the update is live in all the usual places, so go knock yourself out!


yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baby!!!

will have more notes later, not actually to any of the new stuff yet, but there’s one or two things i’ve noticed that might be worth mentioning

  • i think there’s a glitch that makes it so that ikem isn’t free on thursdays? i thought it was a plot thing at first, but i’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be EVERY thursday that he isn’t free on.
  • there’s a small graphical error during fishing when, after you get a utility zest, it sticks on the right side of the screen. assuming that’s not intentional?

other than that, i’m glad losing weight feels less cumbersome in the game now and i think the phone features are a nice touch. i’d appreciate an option where fishing doesn’t take quite as long, but i don’t like fishing minigames in anything, so i’m a biased source when it comes to that lmao

will be making another post when i’m actually finished :saluting_face:

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