Cards of Gluttony - a gay, weight gain card game [v0.4 released on 01/04/2023!]

Would you recommend starting a new save file for the new release? I tried to load an old one, but it doesn’t look like it works very well, lol

Could you elaborate a bit more on what’s not working?

Turns out I just completely misinterpreted what was going on :skull: the “to do” section had a (WIP) at the end of it, so I assumed it hadn’t accessed the new content, and the save was at 0 wgt, so I had ALSO assumed that the save file had glitched – which, in hindsight, I don’t know why I would assume that.

tl;dr Everything’s fine I’m just a bit dull :sparkling_heart:

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Oh, good catch, actually! That (WIP) label shouldn’t be there at that point anymore.

I found an error when using Exhaustive Jog at a high weight

I found a typo here, I think. It’s “Was that the shirt or my pants?”

Okay! Typo again. "Gordon pulled out his phone, typing something tomething.

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Thanks for the reports!

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