Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a free to play downloadable game for PC, and has a port for mobile on the google play store (the control scheme for mobile is pretty atrocious though. They had some buttons for some keyboard keys appear on the bottom of the screen when they’re relevant, but not all of them.)

It’s a top down zombie survival game that’s got a lot of features. The parts that we’re interested in are obviously the stomach, which can be stuffed with food or fluids, and the weight, which can increase and decrease.
Also, speaking as someone who’s never modded any game before, it looks pretty easy to mod and it’s open source.


Can confirm, I’ve shamelessly used the game (without any particular mods) for kink shenanigans. Usually by starting with a character who’s critically underweight and working to get him up to something decent. Though that’s the point when I usually plateau, because raising your weight past Normal causes daily health drain that increases with severity the heavier you get, and I tend to die before I can get the bionics or mutations to balance it out. :sweat_smile:

And yeah, it is easy to mod. You can add a lot of content easily just using JSON - I’ve even been able to repair other people’s broken mods without knowing a lick of C++.

There’s also an existing mod, “My Sweet Cataclysm”, that adds monsters made of candy. If you defeat them, you can get a bunch more of whatever food they’re made of. You can even play as a candy person who can only live on junk food and gets more max HP the fatter they are.


hell you got a slime mutation. you could play as a all consuming Blob monster as a possible mod

Honestly I’m surprised “Cataclysm” returned 0 hits when I searched it on this forum. I’d look into modding, but I don’t have the time or will for it currently.

hmm to bring it up. should there be a mutation that turns you in to a blob or more like a mutation that lets you eat enough to be come a blob?

Has a lot of potential.

Can confirm that even without mods, its fun to play as a scavenger barging into houses and cleaning out entire kitchens and watching the weight gradually tick up from normal to overweight to obese. A mod that adds actual gameplay around being a shameless glutton would be fantastic.

You can sort of already get the playstyle with the slime mutation already mentioned, since eating enough creates a little slimeling that follows you around and fights for you, though that’s limited to just four at a time. Chimera line with hyper metabolism and eater of the dead is also fun, since you can destroy a whole town full of zombies with your bear hands, devour the copious amounts of meat left behind, and move on to the next town hungry for more.

Still, a mod that’s a bit more tailored specifically to weight gain fetishism would be fantastic. Personally, I’d like something as simple as removing the health penalty for being overweight - even in regular play its just a nuisance that slows down health regeneration and nothing more.


honistly I could arugee that should be changed in cannon. all that mass means your body has all it needs for health regen but your slower.

There is a game similar to this one that I can recommend: it’s called Project Zomboid. Compared to CataclysmDDA, it is easier to learn for beginners… It has better graphics. It also has weight system. You can eat & cook various foods. Overweight character cannot run fast. The main downside compared to Cataclysm is that there are no NPCs in Project Zomboid so it makes the game somewhat boring & lonely. I think I once reached weight of 112 kg in Project Zomboid (overweight status), then I got bored

Where can I download this mod?

I think it’s already installed when you download the file, you just choose it as an option when loading a new game

With the “mega-sanbox” freedom inherited from it’s roguelike predescesors, I see your point in modding Cataclysm for belly stuff.

I’m reading over the documentation included in Stable, and its more writing more than anything, so I’m going to do some research in how other projects around here, like some Fetish Master mods, went around handling belly kink and its stat tracking. If I actually make a mod or a preset scenario, I’ll make a topic, there is potential here im interested in

it might be best to wait on that. project zomboid has been doing this massive graphic update and I havn’t seen any updates in a while

if people could handle more of the code-ended stuff, I’d love to contribute some description writing…
I tried CDDA for the first time earlier, and it’s very cool, but takes some time to get used to

Probably better to use the github. Much easier to read.

It comes prepackaged with the game! No extra download necessary, just make sure you select it when you’re creating a new world.

I would like to make a correction on my post of project zomboid. it’s more active then I thought it just isn’t alerting the updates on steam but it’s own forum