Catchphrases! (good god I'm really scraping the bucket here.)

Hey there! I see you clicked on this “super cool and totally not running out of ideas” topic! Basically, if you couldn’t tell, I want to here some catchphrases you’ve amassed over the years, and, more specifically, your favorite ones! (or your least favorite, if that’s your thing.) My personal favorite would have to be fat albert’s classic “Hey hey hey!”, but, we each have different favorites, so that’s why I want to hear it!

As a side note, if you somehow have a fat fetish catchphrase, you, my good person, are one hell of a mad lad. ;D


This hound has several
“Suck a lemon.”
“For st peters sake.”
And when I’m really annoyed I tend to get loquacious and long winded in my insults that tend to need a lexicon or two in order to decipher
Ps did you know that there is a ritualistic and poetic version of insulting someone called flynting, Loki of Norse mythology was known for it
Edit forgot one “oivoyyoy” which I picked from someone else


Ngl, the flyting thing was the second best thing I heard today, thanks! (I looked it up, it’s true!)

This hound doesn’t lie merely bend words, uses logical loopholes, with an extra side of snark for when I’m in the mood

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You can flyte in Assasins Creed: Valhalla, although it’s a very small part of the overall game.


“Oh gods” (Used in not so serious situations)
“Epically enters the chat” (Actually enters a room)
“My life is easier when i make it harder” (From a friend)

I’m pretty un-creative with this stuff


If I’m understanding this correctly, here are mine:

  1. “Get bent, you emotionally stunted half ninja!” -Bleach (S) Abridged “Diamond Dust Rebellion” Movie.
  2. “Go lay down by your (fucking) dish.” -My grandfather often, before he died. Fucking is in parentheses because I add it occasionally.
  3. “I am the protagonist of my (own) life!” -Various origins.

A few I’ve heard over the years that have stuck with me… and one of my own…

‘Curses and black pudding!’ - line from the movie Dougal and the Blue Cat

‘Go stick your head in a pig’ - Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (the book, not the awful movie!)

‘May your lawn be free of tigers’ - Lemmy (RIP)

‘Life is too serious to take seriously’ - Me

Yeah, I know. I’m weird :stuck_out_tongue: