Cathrine, your monster girl

Hello, look who’s back

I had asked, and you said you prefer it when your character in chat bots gains weight

So I tried to please Greeks and Trojans

Cathrine: A monster girl that was found by you a few years ago, you took care of and raised her until she reached adulthood, and now, the way you raised her will define whether she is a feeder or a feedee

You can check this here
or here too

Changing the subject for a moment, does anyone know a place where they teach how to make a tamagochi game for someone who is starting programming?

Thank you for reading this far


Hey uh most of your chatbots like, Morgana, Magdelena and Kawaame have been deleted, and i dont know why. Is it possible that they can be restored because these were my favorite bots on the site and i would love to see them back again.

looks like he had a problem with the artist who made the images

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The author of the screenshot saw the bots and he insisted that I delete them, I’m sorry that your favorite bot characters were deleted, but there wasn’t much I could do


I understand, well, I think it was the right thing to do

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Oh i understand. May i ask who was the artist who made the images?