Caveduck IO Character: Katie the College Girl

Made my own crack at an AI character LMK how you like it

I know AI is a bit controversial in this community, hopefully my programming/writing skills will be up to snuff in due time to develop a fully fleshed out game. I bought like 5k points on caveduck so I was able to get some pretty good dialogue with her so I felt like Katie was worth sharing with you guys.


I tried to program her to be more resistant to gaining. Always found the accidental gaining stories to be more fun and realistic (since this is kind of a niche thing)


Had fun with this one, I think she was well programmed. Though I am shook how she managed to guess my musculature based entirely on the fact that I ordered chicken at the cafeteria lmao

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That’s AI for you lol

Quick question: Does she ever give her weight out or is she always going to tell me she’s not comfortable giving that information out?

Bots usually have bad memory, and an even worse sense of time. You could try rerolling the answer they spit out (the first time you ask, asking twice will mean they think about how they answered that question last time, which is probably why you can’t get her to tell you) and they might give you a random number. I opened a chat with it and asked and they immediately said 250, for example (which is probably a character setting?)

If you’re meaning to ask periodically to track her weight gain it’s not really going to work. Or at least it usually doesn’t.

But if that’s something you really want you kinda have to do it yourself. The bot usually plays along when you say stuff like katie checks their weight and finds they weigh X, having gained X since the last time they checked

You could also try setting up ‘rules’ as in ‘katie gains X pounds per month, X months pass and X weighs themselves’ and that kinda works out sometimes. The bot at least kinda does math, you can kinda do similar stuff in asking it about calorie counts.

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Yea this has been the main issue with me regarding AI. I’m gonna try to see if I can code that in. But how will the bot be able to track the passage of time?

This was actually one of the better AI bots I’ve used. Definitely something I want to play around with again.

First time giving this a go! Seems really well programmed!

The only thing I curse is the “you have reached the end of your free prompts, now pay up” limit.

I made one too if anyone interested

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Yea I’m gonna tweak the AI a bit, Sometimes the setting will just randomly change, like we’ll be in the dorm and all of a sudden we’re in a restaurant. Not sure if that’s due to Manderin13B deficiencies or my coding.

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I’m new to all this. I gave it a try and liked it, but I got this after a bit. Error. Exceeded OpenAI usage limit. Points have not been deducted. I still have points, so I’m wondering if this is something else. I’ve never used AI before for anything so I’m a complete novice. It’s probably something super obvious that I missed for some reason, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The site uses a point system as to limit how much you can use it with different language models having a different price per generation. You can set your points to 400 every 24 hours or you can buy them. If you’re not planning on spending anything like me just stick to the default mandarin13b model that only deducts 4 points

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I see, that helps a lot. Thank you.

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For some reason the character keeps calling me {{user}} when she talks but the script refers correctly to my name (the white text) has anyone here figured out a fix or is that just a bug with caveduck? I reached out to support so we’ll see.

Think it’s just a caveduck thing. I’ve ran into it with other bots off and on.
Though I think safegpt did it more often.

I think I fixed it by removing {{user}} from the conversation samples

gpt4 seems pretty good(?)
150 points per message is brutal though.
Haven’t tried 3.5 but it’s 15 points instead of 6 now so I’m hoping that means it got an upgraded.

I’ve been having way too much fun pushing all of Katie’s buttons, but I am curious what the question mark below her portrait means? It’s visible before starting a new conversation with her.