CaveStory + Sized (Cave Story fat sprite swap)

Hopefully, someone will make similar mods like this for other 2D games that use the same sprite arrangements as Cave Story +.

Hello Fawxen, I saw and tried this mod, which is very well done!
More when noticing those small but interesting details, even in some dialogues :3
And that’s why I’m here last mentioned, I don’t know if you or someone else did that part of the mod, but I need help for a mod that I’m developing, I’m doing the art and music, but what I’m missing is modifying the dialogues.
If you want to know more information about this little project, you can send me an email.

i have been trying to make a fat playable sue mod using this and the playable sue mod, but the character is invisible when i test it, could anyone help me out on this? i will attach the file,bear in mind, it was a quick edit


I know I’m about… Two years late, but just in case anyone wanted to play around with this, the only issue is that it’s a png. It needs to exported from a photo editor as a .bmp and be saved as “MyChar.bmp” in the base folder.

Wait, that was the issue the whole time? Darn, gonna test it later then, thanks. And hey, better getting the answer late than never.