CaveStory + Sized (Cave Story fat sprite swap)

A friend suggested I post about this here. It’s a mod of Cave Story + for Steam but a few characters and bosses are fat. It is a collaborative effort between me, artists PaperWeegy, CloudBoyo, Brutusaltiar, Rattiesteps, and Fattywolf12 (Twitter handles)

To install you just replace the data folder located in [whatever drive you have steam saved to] > SteamApps > Common > CaveStory+ then swap out “data” with the provided folder.

The sprite swaps for curly and quote in hard mode and holiday alts are not effected by this mod but if requested I could make them fat at some point.

UPDATE quotes drowned sprites were not edited. I fixed that.


All I had to do was manually move the sprite files over to the data folder and sub-folders in order for it to work. :wink:

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Also, I noticed that Quote at the beginning isn’t fat like the design on the main menu’s selections.

EDIT: I realized I was playing on Easy difficulty. Oops!

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They are the same exact sprite pulled from the same sheet what do you mean.

When I start a new game, Quote’s yellow colors don’t have him fat like his natural colors.

EDIT: I forgot I was playing on Easy difficulty. I’m such a moron! You should probably add a fat version of Easy mode Quote in your next update.

for whatever reason, sue is normal sized for me

Really cool mod. I honestly just expected Quote and Curly to be big, but seeing how much was actually changed was a really nice surprise, especially all the ending CGs. Would have loved to see some more substantial changes to the dialogue besides just a few item descriptions—stuff like teasing from Curly, bullying from Sue and Misery—but this mostly seems like an art project, and the art itself is amazing! Big props to everyone involved.


to be more specific - her dialogue portraits are different, but her overworld sprite stays the same

I had no idea easy had a different color. I’ll have to change that since it’s a simple color swap.

What mode are you playing and can you provide screenshots

a reinstall fixed it up, disregard all that lol

OMG you made a fat cavestory mod?? thats AMAZING

Oh geez, it has probably been more than 10 years since I played Cave Story and this is as good an excuse as any to play it again. The artwork your team made is fantastic and I’m really glad you made it. I do wish there was a bit more dialogue referencing the fact that everyone is so large.


Due to responses from users here we are actually working on a gradual content update for this mod.


Is it possible to install the mod if you’ve installed the game from the Epic gamestore? If so, how would I go about that?

Edit: Nevermind, you can just drag the folder into the game data and replace all the identical files and it just works. Nothing to do with the built-in mod stuff Epic says it can do.

also make curly as big as quote pls :^)
In all seriousness, this mod is great - the sprite art is damn great and it finally got me to play CS, which I realise i should’ve done way earlier


The mentioned friends and I are working on some improvements to this project including sprite swaps for easy and hard mode. It is unclear if we will edit the holiday themed sprites yet.

Kazuma is now big for those who expected him to be.
And there will be more dialogue and description changes.


Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully, King and the unimportant Mimiga (like the one fishing in the village’s Resivoir) will be fatter, too.

King dies permenantly no matter what kind of playthrough so we aren’t making him fat out of respect of sorts

It’s silly considering it’s just a game but I just don’t feel comfortable with it.

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I understand…

Oh, and hopefully you’ll update the icon to make Quote fat like in-game.