Change Log

The change logs are pretty big now that I get a month to work on them ahead of releasing to general players. Here’s where you can find the latest changes for the free version on itchio



  • Fixed where sector map and map 1 events looked different depending on which direction you activated them from.

  • Using the Move Events Core plugin to fix phantom wall bugs, especially in underground maps

  • The transporter console cancel “button” wasn’t using the new event I made that also handles the dynamic sprite selection

  • Removed some transparent walls in the crew deck of the survey ship

  • Fixed small bug on laser puzzle from mid to left that caused the smallest laser to disappear

Side Quests:

  • Working on puzzle for helping to fix ALICE further.

    • Completed puzzle that will help to fix ALICE further, making one possible ending easier to achieve.
  • Setting up story and location to find out more about aliens and last survey team


  • Language support

    • All menu elements not extended by the menu core plugin support Spanish
  • Added new gatherable foods for Wg gameplay for 9 in total. Adjusted WP and Dist amounts for each

    • Gatherable foods will still provide some WP restore at the cost of some Dist in a pinch, but amounts are reduced in favor of crafted foods.
  • New craftable food menu for Wg gameplay, with 15 recipes. Adjusted Wp and Dist amounts for each.

    • Recipe ingredients entered. Entered into the bio-processor
      Rewrote the battle formula for Deep Scan. Now hits much harder than a basic scan. Still going to keep the energy costs for abilities at their new, cheaper amounts.
  • More research into existing plugins

    • Enhanced TP mode hidden from character menu until it can be made relevant

    • Made some unnecessary states hidden in the character menu

  • Working on Preg gameplay mode pending art assets

    • Setting up new skills for new monsters and encounters

    • Fixing logic for the different way that distortion would start to accumulate in the MC

    • New logic for handling the different conditions for the emergency transport

  • Working on story cutscenes and dialogs for Wg story

  • Created the first branching ending! Story and dialog are not complete for each yet, but there are now two possible endings to the story

    • Obtaining the home ending has enough of its conditions ready to be triggered. With more possibilities to be unlocked later.

    • The first branched ending has enough dialog to comfortably fade to black until more content can be properly added.

  • Jump drive gauge will now read correctly when charged. Well… eventually

  • Tweaks to Wg specific states hungry and starving. Testing to ensure that these states are more significant in gameplay

  • Fun with puzzles!

  • Big hunt for enemy art assets. Lots of new enemy art to go with an enemy revamp.

    • Working on attribute numbers now for load balancing, implementing into 1st map A-001 random encounter framework
  • Cleaned up 1st Act smoke around damaged systems on the survey ship

    • And added a visual aid to see the jump drive charging status.
  • No longer see the MC in the bottom corner during the beginning intro

  • Ending cutscenes has removed the MC from the screen.

  • Improved the personal logs so that they all appear on the same choice menu.

  • Added more texture to the snow map, because hopefully players are not so blinded. (Seriously, wasn’t that bright in RPGM editing.)

  • Auto Battle removed from menu settings. Was causing wonky effects in battle and paralyzing enemies.


  • All Wg personal logs are completed and tied into the game

  • Finally have second ending art in the game, and a small cutscene for it.

  • Added in puzzle to help attempt to fix ALICE before trying to return home to help achieve one possible ending.

  • Add in path to activate alien artifact to trigger second ending. Will improve in later release.

  • Provided a prize for solving the puzzle on the snow map. Better dialog in progress.




  • Shields are now equipable on pregnancy gameplay
  • Fixed where Preg MC would always get pregnant after using an alien
  • Fixed where medbay was not removing pregnant status
  • On pregnancy med bay recovery, ALICE now notes how many new aliens, opposed to the grand total from before
  • Fixed how Sora will reach appropriate size and speed when reaching max threshold in caves
  • In preg gameplay, ore and signal encounters are now using their own attacks and not the psychic whispers of the alien life forms
  • Sora can no longer ghost through the stalls in the ship bathroom
  • Can no longer use the communicator to beam back to the ship… when Sora is already on the ship
  • The tile for the teleporter pad now allows sora to step on it from any direction
  • Giving in to Sora’s needs in Pregnancy encounters replenishes WP
  • Fixed a infinite loop in the map 3 cave puzzle
  • Fixed random encounters in caves
  • Resource nodes in maps are now different depending on current theme
    • map 6 is still a WIP for all nodes
  • Resource nodes are now getting properly reset when travelling to 4th map
  • The vine puzzle now is truly fixed. It is designed to be solvable more easily later on. Also added dialog to help persuade the player to try it later if they may not be ready.
  • Reward side map for finishing map 5’s anomaly event puzzle now appears
  • Fixes to the fuse puzzle:
    • being able to remove inserted fuses, with dialog to help show the ideal voltage needed
    • Additional dialog to help explain the goals of the puzzle
    • Getting the green fuse is on another map puzzle that was bugged. Also adding a side quest to craft another fuse with materials gathered earlier on
  • The new cutscene events for the map 6 cave were blocking the character from walking past them to continue the cutscene
  • an ore deposit on the desert map is now at the correct layer for the MC to interact with
  • new P cutscene in a cave now allows the MC to walk into the water and continue the cutscene
  • Fuse puzzle now checks if the power has been toggled before repeating menu allowing for an infinite loop
  • Fixed random number issue with impregnation chance in P theme
  • P cave in map 3 is now showing ore nodes as collectable


  • using all the same icons and animating for the sector map anomaly locations
  • removed debugging text box from wg stuffing puzzle


  • added some more visual queues and setting up more content for final map
  • More general dialog for WG
  • Increased encounter scenarios
  • Adding in dialog and puzzle logic for waterfall puzzle in Preg gameplay
  • Added additional encounter events for preg gameplay
  • Removed BrightEffects plugin that was making everything extra bright
    • Still probably going to redesign the snow map eventually
  • New functionality for WG berry vine puzzle is nearly complete. Adding more dialog to help show progress through the puzzle and help to show how to solve it
  • New functionality in Preg gameplay recovery to add in some new theme specific consumables. Testing and adding dialog to make it more clear what’s happening
  • New preg consumables that help Sora get over her urges
  • More sound effects. Added to hunger and starving state in WG
  • Animated some effects around maps. Namely damage on the survey ship, and gatherables on the maps
  • Removed unused item bar at bottom of UI
  • Large Anomaly Events now behave differently depending on game theme
  • Added more resource nodes to the snow map
  • Fully split gatherable nodes based on gameplay theme
  • Added more texture to 6th map
  • Added icons to WG crafted food items
  • Adding dialog options to ALPHA 6, including advice on puzzles and side map access on the planet
  • Using ALPHA 6, created first alternative solution for a puzzle. Will be implementing more
  • map 1 submap now can exit to the main map
  • Fixed walking on the walls of the mini map
  • Fixed a textbox sizing issue in the intro cutscene
  • Snow map will have a cutscene when the anomaly puzzle is complete
  • Filled in content for map 3’s cave for P gameplay
  • Added in P story dialog for first surveryor found
  • Fixed some dialog typos in the introduction cutscene
  • Added another roving encounter to P gameplay
  • Added more functionality to psychic crystal gatherables in P gameplay
  • Added more dialog to some WG dialog in earlier maps
  • Added label to warp drive control in maintenance bay
  • Added dialog that helps earlier on to hint that ALICE may not be fully repaired
  • Safe Home ending was missing a scene and dialog for P gameplay
  • Data processing console in the research lab now doesn’t unlock until ACT II to help focus player’s research efforts into planetary scans
    • Also more work will be done to make leveling up and leveled skills be more beneficial
  • Map 4 was missing a P submap. Created map, adding in events
  • Map 6 was missing a P submap. Using same underground cave for all until new map and dialog is created
    • Added a small cutscene for the map 6 cave. More to follow
  • After researching more plugins, implementing side battles with Yanfly’s MZ Side battle UI.
    • Also anticipating future changes with enemies and still hoping to get better enemy artwork
  • learned more about the menu core plugin. Working on rescaling stage images to be used as the character image at her current state in the main menu instead of head image
    • Resizing all state images for the menu view will be an ongoing WIP in favor of trying to finish v0.9 objectives
  • Created a working recovery scene for P gameplay when in caves and outside transporter signal of survey ship and reaching distortion threshold
  • Map 3 Large Anomaly Event by the stream now respects different theme mechanics
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