Change Log

The change logs are pretty big now that I get a month to work on them ahead of releasing to general players. Here’s where you can find the latest changes for the free version on itchio



  • Fixed where sector map and map 1 events looked different depending on which direction you activated them from.

  • Using the Move Events Core plugin to fix phantom wall bugs, especially in underground maps

  • The transporter console cancel “button” wasn’t using the new event I made that also handles the dynamic sprite selection

  • Removed some transparent walls in the crew deck of the survey ship

  • Fixed small bug on laser puzzle from mid to left that caused the smallest laser to disappear

Side Quests:

  • Working on puzzle for helping to fix ALICE further.

    • Completed puzzle that will help to fix ALICE further, making one possible ending easier to achieve.
  • Setting up story and location to find out more about aliens and last survey team


  • Language support

    • All menu elements not extended by the menu core plugin support Spanish
  • Added new gatherable foods for Wg gameplay for 9 in total. Adjusted WP and Dist amounts for each

    • Gatherable foods will still provide some WP restore at the cost of some Dist in a pinch, but amounts are reduced in favor of crafted foods.
  • New craftable food menu for Wg gameplay, with 15 recipes. Adjusted Wp and Dist amounts for each.

    • Recipe ingredients entered. Entered into the bio-processor
      Rewrote the battle formula for Deep Scan. Now hits much harder than a basic scan. Still going to keep the energy costs for abilities at their new, cheaper amounts.
  • More research into existing plugins

    • Enhanced TP mode hidden from character menu until it can be made relevant

    • Made some unnecessary states hidden in the character menu

  • Working on Preg gameplay mode pending art assets

    • Setting up new skills for new monsters and encounters

    • Fixing logic for the different way that distortion would start to accumulate in the MC

    • New logic for handling the different conditions for the emergency transport

  • Working on story cutscenes and dialogs for Wg story

  • Created the first branching ending! Story and dialog are not complete for each yet, but there are now two possible endings to the story

    • Obtaining the home ending has enough of its conditions ready to be triggered. With more possibilities to be unlocked later.

    • The first branched ending has enough dialog to comfortably fade to black until more content can be properly added.

  • Jump drive gauge will now read correctly when charged. Well… eventually

  • Tweaks to Wg specific states hungry and starving. Testing to ensure that these states are more significant in gameplay

  • Fun with puzzles!

  • Big hunt for enemy art assets. Lots of new enemy art to go with an enemy revamp.

    • Working on attribute numbers now for load balancing, implementing into 1st map A-001 random encounter framework
  • Cleaned up 1st Act smoke around damaged systems on the survey ship

    • And added a visual aid to see the jump drive charging status.
  • No longer see the MC in the bottom corner during the beginning intro

  • Ending cutscenes has removed the MC from the screen.

  • Improved the personal logs so that they all appear on the same choice menu.

  • Added more texture to the snow map, because hopefully players are not so blinded. (Seriously, wasn’t that bright in RPGM editing.)

  • Auto Battle removed from menu settings. Was causing wonky effects in battle and paralyzing enemies.


  • All Wg personal logs are completed and tied into the game

  • Finally have second ending art in the game, and a small cutscene for it.

  • Added in puzzle to help attempt to fix ALICE before trying to return home to help achieve one possible ending.

  • Add in path to activate alien artifact to trigger second ending. Will improve in later release.

  • Provided a prize for solving the puzzle on the snow map. Better dialog in progress.