Big Belly Challenge

Here’s an idea I had for an AI generated game. I was thinking of making a more coordinated game but for now I’m using this as a loose form of game.

Setting: A town somewhere in Florida, US known as Spooksville named after the founder Fraidy “Cat” Spooks in 1860 and originally settled in 1810.

Lore: Fraidy ``Cat” Spooks was a diplomat and businessman whose questionable land deals with natives in the regions and morally ambiguous working conditions led to the creation of the settlement in 1810 where he turned his single sugar plantation into a candy empire expanding his sugar cane fields and acquiring several ingredients to farm he developed industrial land where the residents did various work which maintained the machinery of the factories and farms perpetuating the growth of enterpise. Still to this day Cat-Candy is a national and international institution of confectioneries known for: Khocolate Kat Koin Bars, Dat-Cat Drops and so many more cat based candy products which has cemented the company whose principles are based around ambition and quality products.

Big Belly Challenge: Developed in the 1980s by the headmistress of the Spooks family a woman larger than life Cathrine “Lynx” Spooks promoted the town holiday over her love of candy often competing herself along with helping to promote sales by selling the candy at a discount for the Halloween season. Although sales increased the holiday has only been taken up in Spooksville officially having the family judge contestants who sign up a year in advance to see who will weigh the most by midnight, the winner receiving a sash of their station as Biggest Belly and a cash reward within the thousands along with a discount for the remainder of the year on all candies (so long as you’re wearing the sash).

Story: You are a young person (allowing you to type whether or want you want to be a male of female you can write it) who’s signed up to the Big Belly Challenge, your rival and one of the richest people (other than the Spooks) in town Angella Sag-Mounds, a voluptuous young woman whose hated your guts since your family first moved into this town always wins, yet this time will be different.



Had a fun time with it.

thanks I have a few more in the works

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Nice idea but why do they have to be KKK bars?

Because it’s white chocolate. Spooks owned a sugar plantation in 1810, are you really surprised?

I’d like to think they the current marketing team has mentioned how bad the name sounds several times, but the current CEO doesn’t really see it and thinks it’s just a cute name their descendants made up. You maybe be filthy rich but that doesn’t mean you’re equally smart.

Also, I didn’t realize the acronym until after the fact. I wanted to make something that was cool, k and c kind of have the same sound so it fit.