Cat-Candy Family

Hi guys I got another addition to the Cat-Candy series here is a more work oriented edition to the series. Hopefully with some time I can make more with this idea, let me know your opinions on what you thought of it.

Story: You are a longtime fan of the candy franchise despite its dark past (much of which the marketing team and corporate want to erase and make the brand more wholesome and grassroots instead of its origins being a collection of backwater plantations where the Spooks family manipulated natives and used slave labor to work the fields) having many fond memories with family and friends enjoying the savory candies after years of schooling and going through the hiring process of the company you have been given a job in a subsidiary company which deals in the management of transportation and product inspection known as Stuffed and Full Co., although you will not be making the chocolate the idea of being around such tasty treats and getting paid for your work is exciting.

Lore: Stuffed and Full Co. was developed after the Civil war by a distant relative of the Spooks family from New York known as Carl “Lion” Spooks who owned his own railway Company and connecting with his family after years of infighting with his relatives’ made deliveries for Cat-Candy which led to him expanding his transportation business which now delivers candy all over the world by the truck load, trains, boats and planes. As an honorable person amongst the other members of the family he also established a form or quality inspection that would ensure the freshness and taste of the candies going back and forth from station to station that is still used today by the company on an international scale.



i well try your character ai.

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I liked it, was fun to mess with it.

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