Yes that would be dope but if that’s already up I wanna join in

While I personally never got into this particular flavour of character algos, I would be all for having a community specifically for anything procedurally-generated WG related. Feels like I’m the only person playing around with KoboldAI these days.

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I Wanted to use kobold Ai/Tavern AI but it takes forever to get a response, and sometimes it freezes up so I have to keep refreshing the page.

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Edit: I’m a moron, I didn’t catch that you were talking about a different AI platform. Thats my bad.

How are you running it? I didn’t find that problem when I used a combo of the two a few months ago.
If anyone has more than 8GB of VRAM (I don’t :upside_down_face:) I would suggest running it locally instead of letting server lag get in the way, now that there’s powerful 4bit-quantized 13B models available.

The ultimate hope of mine is for folk to explore the softprompt feature and use it to create a custom database using the absolute pile of literature on the internet. Curvage, FantasyFeeder, interactives, hell, even Dimensions Magazine have all the training material required.

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Woah, nostalgia. I haven’t heard about some of these for years! Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Here is “my” a.i. tailored to being a friend (encourage you create said friend through description) and them gaining weight. SOMEHOW without posting about it it has 175K plays? Views? Responses? Whatever. Anywho, feel free to have at it.

Feel free to give feedback or share experiences/thoughts with this.


Are you thinking of this one, our the other one you have of the same name but no picture? Cause this one showed up in my searches a while ago, and its solid work. At one point I clicked your name and tried out the others, which I tend to do when I find bots of Quality.

This ine speciaically. The one with no picture was a trial run i wish i could delete.

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Ive never really contributed anything before on here but i made a bot bee name is Alice and she’s been doing pretty good with stuffing! I havent really gotten far enough for her to have gained weight but i really hope you like it! 90% of the time from what ive seen her answers are pretty good and relevant to what was typed hope yall Enjoy!

Do you have an idea how i can get the link to open it up on the app?

is here someone who can create a male charakter for my special Dream inflation methode?
I’m not that familiar with creating with Ai

I just created Gabby, a former college athlete who started an office job. She starts off lean but gets carried away with the office snacks. She’s bulging out of her outfits in no time. Enjoy!

It’s amazing how much technology has improved since then.
Iykyk, sillytavern, and cloudy—the recently released Opus (claude-3-opus-20240229).

The bots below don’t look that impressive now at all. I might make a profile for some bots I’ve made since the making of this post. I appreciate that a decent chunk of people used them anyway.
:point_down: - #33 by vial_zib

I would make a bot of these two but I don’t know how to do it then… I just left the idea here

I made some bots, unfortunately they have been shadowbanned. I wanted to show them some love by posting them here!

-A permanently pregnant toriel dreemurr

-A very curvaceous Envoy from the tau people of Warhammer40k,

The links aren’t working, can you fix them?

Just change “beta” to “old”, and the first mention of “chat” in the url to “chat2”