Character and Setting Building

Hi, I’m making a game using the Quest program and I’ve been working on it for a couple weeks so I have a lot of the basic systems already programmed. I’ve started working on the characters and setting and I wanted to know what people would want to see in the game or what tips they would have. The game takes place in a modern university but has fantasy elements like magic.

Could have a small club that focuses on the great mysteries of the beyond (eldritch stuff), but mayhaps people don’t believe in such things even though it’s a world with magic.

The club would consist of some very nerdy people that are desperate to prove themselves to the rest of the university, but nothing ever happens until you the player decides joins them.

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I like that idea of @Tightfit.

Part of what would be a good recommendation depends on the setting itself. Do you plan to focus on a more realistic source of gain (overeating, lack of exercise, etc), a magical one (possession, curse, etc), or a mix of the two?

This world’s opinion on weight also could be a concern. Do they love fat, hate it, or feel neutral towards it? This could have an impact on the story and direction it goes. This can be interesting, but it can also be a bit of a minefield.

In terms of preference, I’m not the biggest fan of possession. I’d rather see a character gaining weight because of poor choices and weakness of will rather then an eldritch parasite forcing them to pack on the pounds. That said, there can be a lot of fun to be had with magic. It can also be a good way of dealing with the negative health and hygiene problems of extreme weight gain. This means there’s no upper ceiling to weight gain, which is pretty awesome.

What’s your current outline for the game like?

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What I was planning on is having the weight gain be related to realistic means like overeating and laziness but have a magical element to it so that there aren’t the negative side effects and so that the weight gain can happen a little faster. One of the things I’ve been messing with is that the player can become better friends with others and influence them into gaining weight, and each character has their own influence level affected by the player’s actions. As for the general world opinion, I would say it’s more a neutral feeling toward it because there is magic to counteract the side effects, and their are magical ways of quickly losing weight anyway so it’s not much of an issue.


What if one of the player’s goals is to start a weight gain club? We could interact with other characters within the club who could come from a wide variety of backgrounds that way.

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Sure, I’ve only started messing with the clubs in the game and I planned on the player being able to create one or join others. But until I’ve finished programming it, I won’t know how much the player will be able to do with the clubs. I’m working on an influence system with the characters so if you are a better friend with someone then you could convince them to do things like join the club.

As a possibility, could your friends also try to influence you to certain things? I’d like to have my character convinced by her friends to over eat and grow accordingly.

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Sure, but the characters are all going to have different things they would try to convince you of. :smile:

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