Character creator SPECIFICALLY for fat characters?

I don’t know if there are any 3D character creation tools similar to VRoid but made specifically for fat characters, but I need one because I tried editing a VRoid model in Blender, only for Blender to throw a conniption when I tried to use the blob tool on the belly, causing weird stretching and other errors. The pants broke multiple times, the clothes kept getting this weird ripped issue, and I even talked to BarronOBeefDip, he gave me all the advice in the world with this, but I showed him what the blob tool was doing, and even he agreed that this seemed like a bug that would prevent me from making the edit I want. This is why I would need a character creator for this sort of thing. My PC is so broken that it breaks Blender. I’m running out of ideas, and I really wish there was an easier way to fix this, but I have no way to do any of this myself. I have no money at all, so I can’t commission a model, and using Blender is getting harder and harder the more bugs I get. I used to be able to make edits, but now that’s impossible besides getting head models for my VRChat and ChilloutVR avatars which I may not even be able to do anymore due to the age and power of my PC.


Great news! I am supposedly getting a new PC very soon. This will negate my problem with the Blender issue, but in all seriousness, it would be more convenient to have some program that does the work for you.