Character Sheet Arangement

made this because I hate jumping around in spreadsheets. it should be printable, if you want to.

I use the white space to write the bio, but I’ve always been wanting for blank space on character sheets in games.

hey i feel kinda dumb if the answer is obvious, but how can i edit the sheet, cause i can’t seem to find a way

It’s an image file. You need to use something like Paint.NET. That said, I’ve since abandoned mine in practice because using a google doc is so much easier. :-\

Here is a basic notepad made character sheet for those who don’t want to make one in google docs or type one out by hand. It’s simple but I think it works well.


I just realized I left EXP, Stomach and a place for your story off of the sheet, but you can put the first two under your AC and the story at the bottom of your sheet.