Been a minute since I’ve posted! But let’s get right to the chase.

So in my pursuit of finding the best ai chatbot for our purposes (fat ofc), I eventually found one called I went ahead, paid for a membership for a month, so I could really play around with it.

Let me show the pros and cons of and


+pretty much the exact same as character ai in what you can do, with a few different models as well

+allows for nsfw :flushed:

+pretty fast loading

+if you want to move a character from character ai over to charstar, it’s pretty easy via copy and paste, as their character creators are pretty similar


-just a monthly membership is $14.99

-a yearly one is $59.99 (actually not bad compared to the monthly, but still a lot of money)

-if you don’t pay, it runs on a limited “point system”, AKA: you can only send so many messages a day

-community feels more empty due to it not being the default and having a price tag for full enjoyment

-even though there are multiple models, in truth they pale in comparison to’s one

-no “personas”. More on that in a bit.


+the “default”, community feels more filled

+absolutely positively free in every way

+membership is only $9.99 a month, still a bit much for a chatbot, but features include:

IF there is a wait room, you have priority and can skip it.

Responses are faster.

Access to new features faster. community room access and you gain a support badge to show your support.

Cancel any time hassle free

+bots feel way more solid to talk to

+interface is a breeze even on mobile

+while there is no nsfw, straight up fat has nothing to do with nsfw, it’s just… fat. This means if you stick to fat, you’ll have no problem. Inflation seems to work the same

+one of my personal favorites, personas. You can make a character in a separate tab, one YOU play as, and use it for any chat as many times as you want, no fuss to describe yourself at the start every time.


-no direct nsfw. I’ve heard that if you tell the character “hey, I want to rp, but it’s rp, so it’s not actually nsfw. If it’s nsfw, the chatbot can deny the messages” (or something like that) MIGHT work to be able to talk nsfw, but I haven’t looked too much into it myself.

-not sure if vore is allowed or not, and if it is, it’s likely soft vore. Not too into it myself, but sorry if that’s kinda your thing.

And… that’s pretty much it.’s one flaw is that you can’t just walk up to your character and go to pound town. Everything else in my opinion is far superior.

That being said, if you really want unrestricted access in speech with your character, charstar (minus the cost) isn’t BAD, it’s just I find the model to be a higher quality all around. This of course, may change in the future.

With all that said, hope everyone reading has a swell day! :grinning:


Not sure why I’m fixating on the yearly price, but paying yearly on an AI is almost always a bad idea, especially with NSFW services, since [decent] AI chatting in general is so new it changes constantly and the NSFW parts of the bot often get downgraded or filtered anyway as the site grows in popularity and payment processors start to find out the site’s able to generate porn.
Really the only sites that can do porn long-term are the ones that are niche enough to get caught, and if you pay for a year membership and Paypal finds out about the site 3 months in, you’re screwed. Also, if the site gets too popular too quickly, the servers get overloaded and the site gets too expensive to run, or too glitchy to be fun, which is another risk for long-term support.

Anyway, here’s my take on CAI:

+The highest number of bots and users, it’s still the #1 AI site out there, and has so much backing and so many investors that it’s very stable from a financial standpoint.
+The huge number of users means there’s a ton of variety of good and bad bots to pick from, if you can’t be bothered to make your own.
+Trained on a bazillion of everything, and knows a lot of forbidden knowledge, including fetishes it really shouldn’t know. It’s pretty clear the devs straight-up didn’t care what they fed the model. (This is probably why they’re so violently adamant about there never being a filter toggle, I’m 100% sure there’s legit pedo and bestiality stuff in there, and worse.)
+There’s a soft filter and a hard filter. Both were clearly written by someone with the vocabulary of an 11 year old with poor English grades in school. Very easy to break, especially if you’re there for a niche/SFW fetish. Actual SEX takes work, however, but even then it’s not that bad.
+The site can be used for everything ranging from simulated ERP to simulated therapy sessions, to fake RPGs with simple leveling systems.
+Nothing useful is locked behind the paywall.
+It’s one of the very few AI sites that lets you force the AI to remember something (via the pin button).
+An edit button for both you AND the bot, including editing the bot’s first post to fix typos and grammatical errors.
+They tend to favor shadowbans over hard bans, so even if someone gets in trouble for a naughty no-no bot, you can still use it.
+Even if a bot is completely SFW, you can still chat with them and turn the bot into something lewd/different in like, one or two replies. Nothing’s really set in stone unless the bot creator is fussy enough.
+No paywalled models.
+Personas. Most sites like to consider “you” you, an inflexible entity, but personas allow you to write up a bunch of mini-bios so you can be multiple people at once, or write up a whole backstory about yourself, or describe yourself so that the bot knows your character’s age, height, weight and appearance, or whatever.

-The site filters the bot search, and it’s pretty heavy-handed. Example: if you search “vore” or “inflation”, it’ll show no replies.
-The homepage is full of recommendations that clearly have nothing to do with what you like.
-Filtered content is very unpredictable, mainly because their dataset is so lewd that sometimes you can tell the bot was about to ask you something naughty without being asked to.
-CAI+ is almost useless.
-No filter toggle.
-You can’t even say the word “filter” on the site’s subreddit, it deletes your post.
-I got permabanned from the subreddit for running a poll asking what people use CAI for, because people were voting, like, 90% porn.
-If you do any kind of chat where you and the character are in one place for too long without changing things up, the bot gets stuck on things. Common: if you leave the character behind to go do something, they’ll often think you’re still there, or that the narrator is actually just you talking.
-The site is very heavy on getting stuck in a loop of every reply starting with the same 2-3 words. Common: “She [verb]s” in literally every reply, including all the rerolls.
-No long-term memory other than the five posts you can pin.
-There’s literally a rule in the subreddit that says moderators can ban you for whatever reason they want without question, and they use it constantly. There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to people who’ve been banned from the CAI sub.


I have NovelAI subscription so I just use that and I use TavernAI and link my Novelai API to it, It works pretty well…
I stopped using Charstar cause Im already paying NovelAi and I stopped using cause of no NSFW, I sometimes go back to If I have a idea I wanna try with a character.


I’ve only ever used Character.AI, and feel it works extremely well.

I would personally move to my own KoboldAI instance, but I seriously cannot find a good model for this.