Cheat/Debug Mode?

I’m really liking this game a lot. But it’d be nice if you could cheat and experiment with the engine to find bugs.
I kind of get not wanting cheats to be out in the open and ruin the experience but you could hide the debug screen until someone puts in something like the Konami code.
That’s just one suggestion.

If I allowed this, the caveat is that I’d need to wipe characters when the game enters a “full release” state. I’m planning on adding a marketplace and an arena where there’s pseudo-multiplayer, allowing you to buy/sell to other players in the server and fight them as well. Also, I do sanitize all user input, but having a debug mode is very dangerous when all character data is saved server-side. If someone found a way to inject malicious code into the debug console and mess with other people’s character data, that wouldn’t be fun for me to deal with.

Maybe in character creation you can have a checkbox with a little warning telling people that the save will be deleted?

When I say debug mode I’m just thinking of a cheat menu that lets you set certain variables like how much gold you have.

There might also be, considering the complexity of a multiplayer system, a way to flag debug-enabled characters as single-player only so they are not allowed to interact with other player characters. Thus allowing those of us who wish to play around with variables and numbers to mess around freely without impeding others, and allowing us to make non-debug characters that can play with others fine.

You Should Add A Debug Mode to to release!