Checking Interest for a DnD game (CLOSED)


My name is Saintx74, I write WG/Vore fiction on DA. A while ago I launched a WG/Feedee DnD game called Infinite Gula, which started very strong but lost momentum and then died. While the final outcome could be viewed as a failure, I feel like it was actually fairly successful. Having, pardon the pun, digested my mistakes I think I’m ready to try again.

This game will be a text-based discord game featuring WG/Feederism/vore/expansion with explicit sex. You need to be cool with all of this (even if one thing isn’t your kink). Last time, I tried to split out the fetishes but that was a mess. We will use a version of ExpanD&D plus a few other parts. You’re character will have the ability to gain weight and then use that weight to force rerolls, add damage, and other things.

There will be a session 0 to establish any limits or whatnot. I expect everyone to be respectful and do thewir best to show up. Text-based games are always tricky but we’ll do our best and hopefully people will check-in regularly. If you don’t expect to check in at least daily (Or let me know you won’t be on) expect to be removed.

Also, I’ve DMed before and I’m very comfortable with helping new players learn the game and develop characters.


Let me know if you’re interested in playing. I’ll set up a discord.


I’ll be interested in joining

If it’s welcome to new players I’d love to join as well

Honestly I’d be down, I’m kind of a new-ish player hope that doesn’t discourage you at all

I would like to participate, even if I am a complete novice, it could be fun ^w^

sounds fun! im interested

If only I wasn’t stationed across the sea RN id totally join

I’m willing to join in. I’ve gotten rusty but I can always re-learn.

I am intrested but I need to know time of course before I can decide to join.

Also experinced DnD person so yeah.

Since it is a text game there is no set time. The game is just ongoing and sometimes there as an initiative order, in which you have to await your turn.

I’m interest as well

I would love to join this, been looking for something like this

hey! hope i’m not too late, i would be interested in joining too if there’s still space!