Everyone is playing this smartphone game, right? It’s got the ability to create an almost imvu-level fat character, and just from sliders at character creation. Enjoy.


can we see some screenshots? The power of horny is strong, but not so strong that Im gonna just download a mobile game on word alone.


Turns out this game is also on steam as well, looks kinda like ARK.

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Lookin like a pass from me. Especially since actual images of what the game can do for us are not forthcoming.


i tried to play it and oh boy it was so heavy on my gaming desktop that i looked like i was going to crash my computer from just the character selection screen alone

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I’m sure that’s what happens when you take a mobile game and make a PC port with little to no optimization.

I’ve recommended it to people on Twitter and a couple Discord servers; if anyone’s wondering, the game is basically a big mishmash of concepts from just about every shady, Chinese, gacha-flavored phone game all stapled together in a horribly-optimized game and a PC port with even worse optimization, slapped on top of one of the better character creation engines I’ve ever seen.
Want to be a big tiddy amazon? Sure.
Want to be a femboy wolf man? Okay.
Want to be a little half-naked (fully naked?) monkey girl, barely older than a toddler? …oooookkay???
Want to look like one of those weird glitched Dark Souls guys with the twisted purple faces? Sure!
The game really doesn’t care, slap a pregnant-looking belly on your guy, or run around with your head way bigger than it should be, or look like Squidward from that Spongebob episode where the burgers went to his thighs.
Heck, combine all this, be a naked little pregnant toddler catgirl with giant breasts, the game really, REALLY doesn’t care. (No clue about the rules, though. Also, that’s disgusting, don’t do that.)


Tried to play it, I run a mid-end graphics card but it runs like absolute shit. The game doesn’t hit you with a proper tutorial when you boot it up, so I didn’t really get any instructions on what to do or where to go. I think the reason it’s not being played or talked about is because it’s no good.

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