Christmas Disposal

What did you like about making the game?

I’m rally impressed with what’s here. If I have one major complaint right now, it’s that JESUS FUCK LEVEL 14 IS IMPOSSIBLE. The part that trips me up is the icicle hanging underneath the second top platform from the right. I simply cannot make that jump. If the time between pressing and releasing the jump key isn’t accurate to the millisecond, then I just headbutt the icicle every time, without fail. Is this a fetish game or I Wanna Be the Guy?

it’s not that difficult, yes it took a few tried but I got it quite easily, even beating the final level, you just got to remember that you can do short hops instead of holding the jump button

I know that. My problem is that I can’t seem to do a jump that’s both high enough to clear the gap and low enough to miss the icicle.

I can confirm that all of the levels can be beaten. The later levels get very tricky, but once you get used to kinda floating through some of the obstacles, it can be done.

I would say my favorite part so far was when I put the first sprites into the game and got to see them moving around with actual inputs, before I even had colors or antlers on them! Getting feedback on stuff has been pretty great too, there’s a lot of stuff that I just straight up wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for people playing through and responding.

I’ve tweaked a couple of the platforms in both level 14 and 16 to be more fair for the next update, hopefully that’ll solve your frustration.

  • Added sound effects and music
  • Added mute buttons on the level select screen for sound effects and music
  • Tweaked a couple levels to be more fair
  • Fixed some wonkiness with collision in corners that was causing clipping

also since you made all the levels why not have a game over and a winning screen

Interesting game! My only concern is the bottom being cropped out. Other than that, it’s a cute little game, love the touch of there being tremors whenever you land in later levels, and i feel as if that could be a mechanic of sorts to get all the icicles to fall down, though that’s just my suggestion.

All in all it’s nice.

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  • Added a splash screen at the end for when you when, and added a menu option to get there again
  • Added level titles. The font is a bit wonky, so that might change.
  • Added a player to the menu screen that changes weight as you progress

While it looks like you are just posting your WIPs for feed back please keep in mind to have it counted as an official submission the topic must be posted under this category:

If you want to be safe you could edit this post to be under that category and we will look at the most recent version that is on the first post in the topic.

Oh I know, I just wanted to have a post separate from the game jam for wips and stuff in case I wanted to continue the project after the game jam, and to keep from cluttering up my actual submission.

the game hace lag! is a trash of game

Sir, if you can’t spell properly, why are you here? also, lag is normal in flash, what’s your damn problem?

No lag when I play it. The controls are actually fairly tight for a flash-based platformer. It’s probably your computer, or perhaps settings if you’re trying to play it in a browser.

We thought that may be the case. There was just some confusion on our discord on where to post so we wanted to make it clear to all potential participants.

plz, give me the program what you use to play this game

i dont speack english… and i nerver study english

I tested it out in internet explorer, so try it out in that and if it still lags in that the issue is with your computer.