Christmas Disposal

Alrighty, combo first post/putting up my prototype for the game jam. There’s still plenty of work to be done on it, but I got a good portion of the core down this weekend. Lemme know what you guys like/dislike, and if there are any bugs that need fixing.

Latest Version:


it seems to not want to open. tried winrar and it say that it’s damaged.

So I have found that it is a flash file, but adobe is confusing and wont allowq me to open the file in googlew chrome.

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im not sure if its because its not implemented yet, or i dont know the controls. but i dont know how to jump to grab the first cookies.

but im excited to see what happens when i do!

It looks quite nice and the reindeer sprite is cute. One thing that really bugged me is how your vertical momentum comes to a stop whenever you hit a ledge, it makes otherwise decent jumps quite tedious. Also, I don’t know if you got that far or whether it’s supposed to end or continue after the 5th screen, but for me nothing happened when I collected all the cookies on it. That’s the only criticism I have for what’s a pretty neat game so far.

Controls are pretty basic, if scattered… arrow keys to move & Z to jump (why not up, or space?)

Actual movement is slippery and loose, kept on getting my jumps gimped by touching ledges, or bumping against ceilings to early, and I only completed level 3 out of obstinance.

Level 4 is impossible, the loose controls lead to me bashing my head against the third ice-spike 100% of the time.

Otherwise, the levels are nice and self contained, the layouts are simple enough to figure out with one pass or so, and the sprites, while fairly simple, are detailed enough to not distract from the gameplay.

Would give this a 3/10, and that’s because the level archetecture is too cramped, and the character sprite too big, fix that and it’d be 5/10

A nice little concept! I managed to make it to the end of level 5 after several tries.

Controls are extremely floaty, it’s like everything is on ice and in 1/10 gravity. The jumps feel more like you have a small jet pack on, and you rise very slowly. All of this is combined with extremely strong air control, where you can drastically change your horizontal motion in midair. Tapping the edge of a platform immediately kills your jumping, leading to the strange situation where you jump and then basically stop your forward motion until you’ve got enough height to clear a platform, then just float over onto it. I also had a few moments where the controls didn’t seem to be responding.

Still, the basic controls are functional if not tuned, and the reindeer sprite is adorable. You’ve got a nice little demo here, I’m looking forward to seeing the next update!

I, uh, I don’t think the bottom of the screen is supposed to be below the window.

Firefox won’t run it, and Chrome refuses to play Flash files, unfortunately, so I can’t test if this is a weird compatibility glitch or not.

Thank you to all of you for the feedback! I’ve made a couple of updates to fix some of the issues.

  • There is now no friction when you’re jumping, so no more hitting a wall mid-jump and stopping dead.
  • I’ve adjusted the collision boundaries for both the player and the bottom corners of tiles, so it’s a little harder to bump your head now.
  • Added Christmas lights!
  • Added more friction to the player on the ground so you don’t slide as much when you land.
  • You now have slightly less acceleration as you get fatter, nothing too major though, especially on these levels. Top speed is the same.
  • Z, space, and the up arrow now all jump

Things that still need to be fixed:

  • Variable jumping is still a bit floaty, I’ll be doing some adjustments to get that a little cripser
  • Jumps can still be eaten if you try to jump a split second after you stop moving
  • More levels after the 5th. Yeah, that’s as far as I’ve gotten in terms of level design, there’s no special way to get to level 6.

Try using internet explorer, that’s what I’ve been doing. I might have to include a dedicated flash player in the download at some point if it doesn’t.

I think that might just be an issue with the resolution. Have you tried zooming out a little bit? It makes things look a little wonky if it gets too small, but it will fit on the screen.

So I just gave V.0.2 a shot, and collected the cookies out of order (Got the two in the middle pit last) and now I’m locked in an empty map…

Edit1: Tried collecting the cookies in a different order and am still locked in… this presents a problem…

Was that on level 3? I think that matches the pit you’re describing.

The controls are much better now that tapping a ledge doesn’t stop your jumping. The jumps themselves are still a little weird, I’m used to a jump that starts with a high vertical velocity and and is steadily decelerated by gravity before beginning to fall back to the ground. Right now, it feels like the jump velocity is stable until you let go of the jump button.

Added some more levels, physics are still being revised so no changes to them from the last update.
Level 10 is evil, but there’s nothing past it.


I think I’ve gotten all the kinks worked out of player movement, most importantly jumps getting eaten right after you stop moving. A couple more levels as well, I’m planning on having 16 total, so only three more to go until all of them are in!

  • Stopping on the ground no longer puts you in a midair state
  • Added “r” to restart a level if you get stuck
  • Minor tweaks to hit boxes
  • Collecting cookies simultaneously no longer stops level transitions
  • Level 10 is significantly easier

The controls are feeling a lot better. Still pretty floaty in air, but I’m getting used to that style now. I like the little screen shake you start getting at the higher levels.

i cant play help!!!

how i can play?

look up “Standalone Flash Player” on google

You can download a standalone flash player, or just use internet explorer.

Update time!

  • Added a level select screen. No numbers on it yet, but I’m sure you all can count to 16.
  • Added pausing, as well as a button to get to the level select screen from the pause menu
  • Added the last three levels. There’s probably going to be some tweaks to them, but no more levels are planned for the foreseeable future.