Chub Chomp Chill Modding

Feel free to discuss CCC modding here. Will share some documentation on how to mod the game when I’ve got time!
For now, here’s a mod I whipped up to test adding new customization slots. Install instructions are included within the zip, intended for version 0.5.2
ChubChompChill_Mod_Eye Slot (167.8 KB)
Adds a new eye asset that looks like this!


I only wished that there were a mod that shoehorned in certain slob content that SolitaryScribbles is against (like farts, for example).


i wish there was a furry mod


Only thing I’m trying to figure out is a way to have either infinite food or infinite money now…

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I would add to this beautiful game:

  1. Russian language.
  2. would change the behavior of the character, because when she eats her chest falls below the stomach and it seems that it is empty,
  3. added new rooms for variety.

is there a mod for the rooms?

Could Story mode be included ?

Maybe a Girl inherits a Pastry bakery, and gets Fat while managing it.

She expands the business across the Country, and building many types of Bakeries. Girl gets Bigger, because she Taste samples every experimental food product in each of its experimental developmental phases. her company, before it is delivered to the public, for safety.

However, the many combinations of these experimental foods, affect her appetite a lot. So she starts binge eating.


Is it possible to add more furry customizable options so that you can make your favorite weight gain oc or your own oc in Chub Chomp Chill?


Slob Mod would be peak, wish I knew how modding works :frowning: