Chub, Chomp, Chill (Version 1.0 Out Now!)

The custom body shapes mean they only gain where you want them to though, so that’s something.


na fam just play and test with them i see the body types as a base mold what you feed them and how much of it is what will get you your ideal shape after that simple feed them non buff foods and your golden

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not a major bug but ummm golbins should not be able to move at this size no?


I believe it’s an issue when changing level i,e going to the apartment to warehouse etc

I really like the update so far, the new body types are fantastic.


Probably bit of suggestion but wouldn’t creating a dedicated thread to share other’s creation be pretty neat.


how much do you need to weigh before you transition to warehouse? i have two characters both over 100k but they’re both still in apartments

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Oh boy

I like this

I really hope we get more snapshots because this is such a strong base

I have played for some hours and want to talk about the game,

*talks about the game*

Needless to say the character creator is awesome, body types and body part types are genius, and, of course, charACTER EXPORT LETS GOOOOOO
A nitpick i have would just be more consistency in the UI elements, like color pickers being synchronized to the color displayed in the character. Also the numbered buttons could have the color they are set to as background instead of all white (also also i think head size wasn’t applied properly in one of my characters, i have to check if the bug happens everytime).

Crafting has been a little controversial but personally i like it, as others have said it is a way to have access to a lot of different foods without the need to wait for the shop to restock (as long as you have the ingredients). I do think the 999 limit hurts the crafting though, i think that at least items that are plain ingredients like sugar, flour, cheese, meat, bread etc, all should have a higher limit of 9999, and keep meals with the current limit.
Oh yeah i’m not really bothered by this new limit so far, but…

I think the shop should change to fit the game or the game should change to fit the shop, because right now it feels like they are two separate things, the shop always comes up on discussion when a new update drops. I could create another citizen and focus on them instead of the citizen that i’m currently invested in because i’m out of sugar thats absolutely not meta to make apple pies and it’s the 6th consecutive day that the shop doesn’t sell sugar- but do i want to?
(No i don’t want to feed them another food shutup)

I really appreciate the increased slots for citizens, because due to the lack of a preview of the body types in the character creator i just fill a dozen of them with models of each one lol

On that note i couldn’t notice much of a difference between the leg types, except the flabby bottom. I don’t know if it’s because i made the models when i was trying to make them without buffed foods or not, considering it seems that the buffs accentuate/activate the shape, will have to test more. (I like to see what the base shape is before using buffs, did that every version)

The tasks are a very welcome way to get bp, will not miss the bp training badge
I’m not a fan of bloating so i don’t like the bloat ones though, don’t like the illness tasks either, but nothing that save editing can’t fix

Talking about save editing, at first i wasn’t planning on cheating money, but the 1x and 2x speeds kinda bored me and the digestion nerf has been rough on the lollipops sooo… i confess, i cheated.
But i’m not talking about that because of guilt, but because i’m conflicted. The early game of CCC is better than ever before in my opinion, but when you reach the really big sizes, not even warehouse yet, i start to miss the breadloaf/soap bar look of 0.5… making models for this kind of game, with this level of complexity, with this many options, is really freaking hard, i understand, but, as the guy who asked for thighs, i think i’ll be switching between 1.0 and 0.5 for now, 1.0 for within-reality sizes (in 1x or 2x speed, because yeah, i have basically cut the length of the game in 1/16) and 0.5 for everything above, not that i’m disappointed or anything but i’d rather have that over what we have now…

I still want to get to space, obviously, although that will take reeeeally long even with 8x

Also the new options for warehouse and city are magnificent, thank you Scribbles

Also also i feel like we are losing a lot of screen real estate having the camera orbit a fixed point all the time, and thank Gretta it is fixed and doesn’t scale with height, around 2/5 of the top part of the screen is just never used, i feel the need to make everyone tall to have the whole screen filled with the good stuff i’m here for

That’s all from me i think, will continue to play and test more

I can barely believe this update is free


Here you go


Also pls god let there be some way to customize and/or reset a character. I still like that idea from that one time about converting excess weight into a special currency.


Managed to somehow break the game completely. Every single time my Character reaches a new stage, it just breaks to a void map. No idea why this happens, but I was using Teardrop body and it happened first on that Client, been using Gingerbread Houses. Gotta reset my save data because this happens with every character, even growing weight got bugged because of it


It’s not broken (or at least only the trigger is) you just have to click and set the ‘skin’ in the wallpapers menu yourself


Can chub, chomp, chill can be modded? Like add more new clothes, hats, furniture, wallpaper, floor, hairstyle, faces, accessories, glasses, etc. From the fans.


Hi folks!
I’m trying to make a butt-heavy character and I keep getting like…a sharp ridge underneath my character’s butt when viewed from the front or side.

Does anyone know of a way to prevent or mitigate this? I’ve been trying to buff her legs to see if that helps but it hasn’t been noticeable so far. Is she too short or did I just make her butt too big? Lol!

If love any advice anyone might have to share!

Besides that I’m loving this update!
Thanks Scribbles for the brand new obsession lol!


I wouldn’t call it a game breaking bug, but diets seem to be disabled if you load a character preset. Found that out the hard way when I thought making a lactose intolerant cat girl would be funny.

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Two problems with that:

  1. I didn’t have a skin to equip there

  2. Gaining Weight was bugged, as they didn’t seem to grow whatsoever after this had happened, even with gingerbread houses.

Still counts as a gamebreaker so hopefully it gets noted

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I might be misremembering but I thought you got the normal maps baseline.

Not sure what’s going on with the weight, you could try doing a bunch of boost items (cause those go kinda crazy at large sizes and you will notice).

I vaguely remember there being a disclaimer about the teardrop shape (in the video?) so maybe you just hit as big as that one will go currently.

Yeah so teardrop doesn’t have a phase 3
For comparison here’s the caps for pear:

So far as I can tell, the base of your bodytype (average, apple, pear etc.) has it’s own gain from generic foods(i.e the gingerbread houses are generic), and then the additional options (double belly, doughy belly, round butt, shapely butt, etc.) are an additional bucket that goes overtop the base skeleton gain and I think those are only affected by boost food types.

So you basically just hit the cap before boosts with that bodytype currently.

If this also happened on subsequent characters that weren’t that shape though, I got no clue .-.
Any chance it’s the lack of a point of reference making it look like nothing’s changing?


pretty sure that is just leg fat being funny with how it interacts with a large ass


So if you quit to menu some time during the 11PM hour, loading back in makes it not change the shop offerings.

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Sorry, I deleted my Save File but as I’ve stated, no, this was happening outside of TearDrop Body type as well. No matter how much food was fed, they never seemed to grow an inch.

I’d like to share more on this but since I deleted the file afterwards I can’t really give you much more valid proof than this.

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Am I missing something or can you no longer edit your character’s clothing after doing it initially?

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