Chublands: Final Chub Demo

Heya! This will be the last demo for Chublands as you know it. It’s more of a parting gift really.

Once again, there isn’t a whole lot to see here. I’m simply posting this as it’s the last version to have these weight mechanics as they’re currently implemented.

So what’s happening with it? Well, the focus is shifting away from fat stuff. I still enjoy a good tummy now and then, but I’d rather not limit my options by branding the entire project as a fetish game. Thus, weight gain is taking a backseat with a renewed focus on platforming and monster girl transformations.

To clarify; Your character will still get fat. It just won’t be a central mechanic anymore.

I’m going to be tackling this with renewed vigor and assembling a team to assist with it’s development. It’s pretty much going to be a brand new project entirely.

This demo will be available for download until I replace it with the new iteration. If you want it, grab it now.

This will likely be my final post here. Sayonara.


So long and thanks for all the… fish-shaped muffins?


That sucks to hear. I think Chublands has a lot of potential and weight gain and platforming go together really well I think, (limiting jump height at higher weights, having character heavy enough clear obstacles/activate switch, or too heavy and break platforms)
Good luck with your future endeavors I guess.


Damn, still want to see the final thing tho.
About the monster girls transformation, what kind of monster girls are we talking about? Is there a cowgirl transformation?

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I think I said at the time when you first announced this project that I wasn’t sure where you could go with it. This demonstrates a much clearer change in direction, so I think you made the right choice. Though it’s doubtlessly dissapointing to some.


Dang, I was SO looking forward to a full-fledged release… :frowning:

That’s a shame to hear, but I’ll follow development regardless, especially since fat content is staying. And if I may throw in my 2 cents, I think you’ll be perfectly welcome here as long as the game contains WG content. Hell, we’ve got projects on here that barely have any, like Seeds of Destiny.


To be sure, you are correct. We support all indie development.


Just a thought, but if fat content is still going to be in whatever project you’re developing, why not just continue your updates here? We’re still going to check out your game if it has fat content, even if said content doesn’t take center-stage in the game.