Churn Vector

Hey Everyone!

A new furry NSFW game was spotted called “Churn Vector” I am not sure how this community would uh, react to this sort of content, as its a “Weird” one; the game is a stealth game, but when you must eliminate people, you need to cock vore them, which is an interesting mechanic, to say the least xD.

But I was wondering if modding this was created if it would be viable to change it to “Eating” someone instead, and involve weight gain mechanics instead, I just think it would be very interesting to see, what does everyone else think?

Link to Steam game:

Link to


Uh…I’ll be honest here, this looks really low-quality

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That looks bad for an almost 15 euro game, and judging how I’d never even heard of cock vore I woundl’t be too interested in something like that

dont nock it till you try it i have playd other games from them mainly kolbold kare and it was dam good low- quality do not mean bad game look at ultrakill and deadcells for gods sake XD.

im going to give this a go just cuz i know they did great in other games.

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this could be the start of a cock vore video game era! Hope this gets updated sometime soon.

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Agent 789 after NNN XD

Edit (the how to): first you need pry the bigger first pry the bigger the end condom but it get huge no matter the first pry then cum the first in to a WILLING pry then gab em dragg to the next willing pry vore them then cum in the next pry who is sitting next to you cheeks up high expecting you…pfff. anyways do this like 3 times and you get what you see in the pic more than that idk tricky to do it without getting a G.over but if you can take out all the dobers and then do this will all the willing pry on a map well…that wasn’t a question m8 go do that!..bring pics <:3

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