ck2 inflation mod?

inflation content in ck2, it can be like fatocracy and even have support for it and its supports. thing is i’m no coder, never will be since its like hieroglyphs to me. so if someone likes to entertain the idea, you can exclude any mention of me and the idea is completely yours.

Moding ck2 requires little to no coding skill and you only need a text editor. Also paradox interactive has extensive documentation on how to mod ck2 here. I’d consider trying it yourself. I gave my hand a whirl and modded fatocracy to my tastes.

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yeah no, I might mess it up. im better off having someone else do it

What did you do out of curiosity?

you literally can’t hurt anything, you make text files( something.txt ) in a mod folder inside a folder in your documents and the game tries to load those text files. This is completely seperate from game files in the game install directory. if you type something wrong the game doest do what you put in the text file or worst case does not load the mod. there is no breaking the game. worst comes to worst you delete the text files after making a copy of them elsewhere.

More events related to eating and getting noticed caught by vassals and family members eating or gaining weight. Also added the ability for traits to be gotten at birth by chance although they would be hidden and not effect the character till they were of age 18. I did give my very crude events to @failmuseum however i dont think he ever got around to including them, they did need work before a release to the public, and he had his own to work on so i dont blame him. I haven’t checked recent releases of the mod.

I did still need to implement quite a bit of the stuff you sent, I got a bit preoccupied, sorry. I do still intend to get back to the CK2 mod at some point, it’s just on hiatus for now after I got a bit of burnout.

@kitsuneneo It’s pretty hard to mess it up beyond repair, just don’t edit the files in the game data folder. Take a look at some events that either already exist or are in a mod and reverse engineer them. It might take a few hours to get your first one working the way you want it to, but after that you’ll be golden, at least until you start branching out into moddidng other parts of the game. If you do give it a try, feel free to message me if you have any questions.

well i managed to crash it so I must have negative modding skill…

I could take a look at what you did, if you want. Accidently crashing the game while modding is normal, especially if you haven’t done it before.

I don’t want to show you what I did cause I practically gave up. this kind of stuff is better for someone that actually can do it instead of someone that has a worse coding experience than a potato it doesn’t help that my computer cant make the video thing that all mods seem to rely on

How would you edit a trait (I’m annoyed with immobility making me incapable)

go to Fatocracy\common\traits
open Fatocracy_Traits
and find fatocracy_immobile or temporary_obesity, whichever is giving you trouble
and just delete this line: “incapacitating = yes” underneath the trait you’re editing.

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Good to know thanks man.

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