Clarification of Gain Jam Rules & New Judging System

Good day everyone!

I wanted to write a quick post on how we plan on handling judging this year as well to clarify a misconception we have been seeing some people have about the rules of the jam.


First, we have been seeing fair number of people asking if you have to use weight gain or some sort of fat related fetish/content in your submission. We want to state clearly that the answer to that question is no, you do not have to you weight gain or fat related fetish/content in your submission for the Jam. You lose no points for choosing to go with something other than fat and weight gain and your submission will be judged the same as any other submission.

While it is true we are a weight gain and fat orientated community, we want to be inclusive to the entire TF and expansion related community that wants to make games. Vore, Inflation, Gender & Species Swaps, Macro, Micro; as long as it is not illegal under US law you are welcome!

Changes to Judging

As for the changes to Judging, many of you may remember that we had a ton of entries last year. Due to the way we currently handled judging with a single panel of 3-5 judges it took us forever to get through all the submissions. To help try to speed up the process we are adjusting how we will be doing judging this year.

We are moving to a two round judging system to help spread out the workload and hopefully help us get everything judged a bit quicker this year.

The first round of Judging will be headed by @Juxtaterrestrial and two guest judges from the community. They will use a simplified scoring sheet to try to filter the submissions to the top 5-10 submissions. They will also each nominate which game they thought had the best art, sound, and writing.

After the first round @kilif and I will judge the top 5-10 submissions using the scoring system you are all familiar with. We will then look at the nominations for best art, sound, and writing and choose which of the nominations deserves the best in prize. In the event of a tie for the top 3 spot or a best in prize @Juxtaterrestrial will be used to decide the tie.

Unfortunately, this means only the top 5-10 submissions will get details scores and comments on their work. We really hate this fact as we want to help everyone improve and we felt the feedback from the jam helped a fair number of people figure out where they may need to improve, but there are just too many submissions for us to do that effectively any more.

We plan on releasing more details next month as we get closer to the Jam as well as creating a FAQ to help clear up any misconceptions.