Clinic Escape: a 2D Escape Game With Heavy Nurses

Who remembers this? This is a very old flash game where you play as a patient trying to escape a mental hospital. You must avoid getting captured by the nurses, lifting and throwing objects at them to get further and further into the game.

As you progress, you will encounter rather hefty-looking nurses. These nurses are hard to avoid, and may jump over the things you throw. More will appear the deeper you go in, increasing the difficulty of the game.

Get captured by them, and they’ll take off their uniform to wrap you up and steal one of your lives. Try to see how far you can go (or just let the nurses take you in, I won’t judge).

You can basically play this game on any site which hosts Flash games, but with Flash dying out this year, here’s a SWF file to download. You will also require an offline flash player to run the game. Both will be provided in the links below.