[Closed] A DM with an experimantal 1 player Expandnd campaign looking for a player

Hello there! I’ll try to keep it short.

I’m looking for someone willing to play once per week or once per two weeks on the weekend (I live in GMT timezone).

The campaign contains (up to discussion): Inflation, WG, Vore, (popping?), and other minor stuff.
But no furry or male content, apologies if that’s a dealbreaker

I’m not going to flood this post with lore dumps about the module, but it’s your typical fantasy setting with a bit of my spice thrown into it. I have no idea about how long it will end up being, but it’s definitely not short.

Since I tend to play really loose with rules, I really don’t mind if the player character is stonger than normal as long as they aren’t gamebreakingly OP.

Well, that’s about it I think. If my little escapades into story writing sound interesting to you, hit me up with a private message and I’ll send you my discord username.

i am actually interested since i do live in the UK myself so timing would be great between us and i kind of wanting to try out EDND aswell