[Closed] Fairy bug

for some reason, when I’m below ~400 lbs and I ask the fairy to lose weight, the game page glitches and takes me to a white screen. if I try to go back, I can see the url change but the screen stays blank. if I go back to the main site and re-enter the game, it picks up with my character talking to the fairy.

this sorta leads into another issue, being that it doesn’t force you to wear the armor or equip the weapon when you start a game; I forgot to put on the armor and now I’m too fat to put it on. when I try to get small enough to wear it, though, the above happens.

Could you please PM me your username and character that the bug happened on? This way I can see your character’s state and try to replicate that scenario to figure out where the bug lies.

Actually nevermind, I was able to replicate it locally. It’s a problem with the “Burdened By Weight” status effect. When you lose enough weight and the status effect is removed there’s an error message saying that it doesn’t exist. I’ll look into fixing this. Thanks for the report.

awesome; good luck pinning the problem down.

I believe this should be fixed now. Try losing weight at the fairy when you have the “Burdened By Weight” status effect.

yep; no problems. thanks!