[Closed] Floor 2 bug - Banquet / getting defeated = weight gain, losing money

I noticed there was a problem with the banquet, where gain weight and lose money. I got defeated by a skeleton on floor 2 and as a result gained weight, and lost money as well.

Hopefully only floor 2 is concerned.

I’ll fix this when I get home from work tonight. It was intended to knock you out so the losing gold + gaining weight is intended. However I do see the issue in being unable to stop the event from occurring in the first place since it would halt anyone’s progress who doesn’t stack Willpower. I will change it so you aren’t knocked out if you can’t resist and instead eat enough to get stuffed which makes a lot more sense.

Agreed, the stuffed solution looks very appealing.

I hope you’ll also fix the defeat problem :slight_smile:

I will remove the gold penalty for dying from regular monsters to make it only applicable with select enemies (Thieves, Pickpockets etc). The weight penalty will stay however, that’s intended. The witch wants you fatter remember? :smiley:

Ohh, I had literally no clue it was normal to lose money and gain weight when dying, mostly because it’s not common at all and I don’t think these 2 features were there at the beginning.

Well, thanks for telling me that, I’m perfectly ok with the gold penalty being more specific. Thought it was a bug linked to the banquet.

I have noticed something about this mechanic; I lost the check to the banquet and gained 20 lbs; I lost later to an armored skeleton and gained 20 pounds there as well. I’m wondering if that was intentional? it would make sense to make the gain greater than a regular loss if you pass out at the banquet table rather than at the hands of a non-food related foe

It was intentional and what you stated would make sense. If I’m being honest, I kind of half-assed the weight penalty and just added it to the “revival at home” function as a fixed amount of +20 pounds. So it’s not the act of dying that makes you gain weight, it’s the act of being revived in your home. If I want to make it dynamic for every situation you die in I’ll have to add the amount of weight you gain as a variable to the enemy (or in the banquet’s case I’d need to edit the event dialog to ensure the “Continue” button that leads to you overeating and falling asleep calls a function that stuffs you instead of reviving you at home).