[ CLOSED ] Html game help

Hi, sorry to bother you. I would like to know if there is a site to create games in HTML or if I need the code completely.

I did not find a topic on this, I may have searched badly. Sorry

Thank you for your cooperation

Gotta be a bit more specific, what kind of HTML game are you looking to make. Text game or something else?

an interactive story like passion muffin or something, idk if u know it

here a link of passion muffin: Passion Muffins by Gloupsi56

Alright, so a Twine game. Yeah, there’s a website for the software to make them:


There’s an option to either download the program to make them or to use it in browser. Making an interactive story like Passion Muffins is pretty straightforward, but with enough experience you can make some pretty complex text games with it.

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Thank you very much, but what would be better, that I code the game myself ? I have some basics in HTML/ CSS and a little in Javascript.
But I think with an AI it could do

As long as you have some knowledge of Javascript, it should be pretty easy to make some stuff with the Sugarcube format. I’m not entirely sure I know any programming AI that knows how to write in Twinescript, nor do I think it’s really worthwhile to use an AI to code with the relative simplicity (for lack of a better word) of programming in Twine.

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Okay thank you very much for your answers, I will try the twine approach in this case