[Closed] Newest patch report

I’m currently away for two weeks but using my phone, I noticed that with the newest shop changes, the “sell” option is badly displayed, not sure if we can drag items on phone as well.

I gave the medium weight gain potion a try, I went from average to chunky which was quite surprizing. However, I slowly continued to gain weight, even if I didn’t eat anything. Could be the old “food” version which is still active?

I also noticed that the bed doesn’t seem no longer useful at gaining or losing weight, maybe because the new system may only work with ticks?

I apologize for this report which could be more precise.

The Sell tab is not hiding the Buy tab like it normally would. I’ll look into that. As for being unable to drag items, I should also add the ability to right click items to add them to the sell window.

Gaining weight after the immediate potion effects is normal since they’re high on calories and it’s just your character digesting the calories. So in actuality the large potion would make you gain something like 170 pounds after digesting all of the calories.

I’m not sure about the bed, I just tried it and it seems to still make you gain/lose weight for 32 ticks every time you hit sleep for 8 hours.

Ah, thanks for the explanation.

Concerning the bed yeah it looks fine, looks like I was mistaken or something like that.

I also found out that the stomach capacity increase looks temporary. I went till 1030, went back to the main page and when I played once again it was down to the normal 1000.

The sell window has been fixed. I added the dragging on mobile to the bugs list though I haven’t checked the site on a phone myself, I’ll have to see what can be done.

Forgot to mention that I fixed the bug with the increase in fullness capacity not saving. I also adjusted the amount of ticks to 8 before it begins to increase based on your suggestion Pacha.