[Closed] Object [Object] Popup

This is a bad bug report, sorry.
All I know is I was going through Floor 1 after getting BTFO on floor 2 by a skelewizard, I stopped to open my map, moved east and instead of moving I got a popup saying ‘Object [Object]’ with only an ‘OK’ button. This probably isn’t supposed to happen. I haven’t been able to reproduce it either.

If I had to guess it’s probably due to your connection being slow at that point in time. When you change inventory or character tabs, ajax is run to save the current tab you selected so that it doesn’t reset on page reload. If you hit “East” before that ajax callback finished it might error out. If there’s an error it’s supposed to output what the ajax error is, but I guess that isn’t working properly since it’s just outputting an object haha.

Yeah, happened to me as well. Not really a bug, Cryptic is right.