[Closed] Running a play by post D&D game centered around female mass vore and extreme weight gain.

Title says pretty much everything. Game will be 5e. Will try to run game over discord, but I am able to be convinced to use other PBP mediums. Time zone is CST, but its PBP so that hardly matters.

I’m a very experienced DM, but this will be the first erotic game I’ll have ever run, so expect my descriptions of erotic content to be a bit awkward, potentially.

The vore content in game will be a custom module for D&D 5e that is brazenly OP. Specifically players will choose default classes for their characters, and will have access to ‘upgrades’ for their traditional class features. (Worry not, there will still be actual challenge in and out of combat).

Consider this game if you enjoyed other games on this site, such as:
-Project F.A.T.
-Fatties eating fatties
As the content in this game will be similar, despite feeling very different.

I’ll send server invites via private message on request.

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Hi! I’d love to join this game! Send me a link if possible.

Heya, I kinda am interested in this campaign idea that you’re throwing out here. Wanna know your limits on stuff, cause while I’m into vore and getting fatter, I wanna know if there is stuff that I shouldn’t bring to the game. Also wanna know what your time-frame is like, ie, when can you host sessions, will it be post by post, or something else.

I definitely have some tentative interest in this game if it can be done at a later time. I absolutely would not mind a PbP format if it’s needed - an in fact I am a huge supporter of such things - and hope I could get involved.

The main question I have is if there are limitations on races? As someone who is very much a dragon enthusiast, this is important for me to know.

The game will be post by post. I can have designated days where I’ll try to respond quicker, but that will be agreed upon at a later date.

As for things that shouldn’t be brought in at all, mostly just the usual. Toilet stuff and necro are two hard passes from me. Asides from that, ask on a case by case. I’m fairly open to other people’s preferences in varying levels of moderation. Oh right, female WG and V only, just not into guys.

I’ll draw the line at fully quadrupedal. If you’ve got a particular homebrew feel free to link it. I care more about the appearance of the race than if its overpowered or not.

Looks like my acc is too new to send PMs, or maybe I’m just a dumbass? You able to send a PM to me so I can reply?

I mostly just needed to know if this was restricted to human only. so long as I can do dragonborn, I’m all good.

Should I PM you so you can reply, or can you PM me because now I am much more interested.

Message me. My acc is too new.

I’m new to D&D but I’d still would like to join.

Hello can i join, would actually be an exercise for me to better my english.

Hi. this looked fun. Can I join?