[Closed] Succubus Crash

Not a huge bug, but a way to break the game for someone playing around to get a character fat :p.

  1. Keep the Fattening leather armor on, so you can get you’re weight (and attack delay) up as high as possible, while keeping the nice armor bonus.

  2. Level up a few times and beat the goblin boss to get to the second floor. Since you’re trying to get weight, your attack delay will probably be huge so I would recommend maxing STR or INT to one-shot him. A lot of the time he’ll block the first shot, but you only have to win once! By the time you beat this, you should be taking one or two recovery actions between most attacks.

  3. Go the the enchantment school, and dump all your points into vitality. Unequip any weapon you might be holding.

  4. Go through the second floor, fleeing every fight until you find the Succubus. I’ve only ever failed to flee once - it’s not really a problem.

  5. Fight! Or Wait! The first few times you do this, you may or may not crash the game, but your weight will skyrocket. With no weapon, and wearing armor, you’ll do 3 pts of damage each time you’r hypnotized into attacking yourself… and have a bunch of ‘delay’ actions in between those, with the Succubus fattening you the whole time. After one or two times, depending on how high your vitality / weight are, it’ll crash the game, probably because of a stack overflow somewhere.

  6. More fats! After the point you crash the game, you can keep abusing the trick for a bit to get to even sillier weights. Unequip your armor, drop your vitality down to minimum and put all the points in INT or STR, then equip a weapon so you can one-shot yourself. By making it as easy as possible to kill yourself through the hypnosis, you can get another run out of it - after I did this once, it became impossible not to crash, and the game was using scientific notation to display my characters weight. :smiley:

I dunno if you feel like doing anything about it - it’s not really possible to come across in normal game play, you have to seek it out as a silly way to skyrocket a characters weight, but I figured it’d be interesting to know.

I’ve known about exploits with the armour, for example you can sleep for 8 hours with the armour on and your weight will skyrocket. This one seems a little more game-breaking lol. The easy fix I can see is making the succubus’ fatten skill (the one where she points at you) increase weight by a flat amount instead of a percentage.

I dunno. Having it as a percentage seems like it’ll work better for a variety of characters, but it does spiral out of control more easily. But to make it game breaking, you generally have to try pretty hard. Maybe keep it a percentage, but cap it at some number?

I’m debating adding a weight limit of 99999 and changing the skill back to a percentage gain. Weights that are too big for the integer datatype to hold will crash the game anyway, so there needs to be a limit.