[Closed] Tutorial Fairy 2nd Conversation

I don’t know if this is intentional or not but I created a new character and replayed from scratch and the first time I just had her disenchant my armor and I then went to floor 2 and got the 2nd conversation but then I wanted too see what happened if I fed her so I created another new character and when I got to floor 2 again she didn’t appear even when I left and came back she was no where to be seen

Soo…Evidently, kicking in the fairy’s face is better to make a relationship than feeding her cupcakes while you grow as well…Alright then.

no i stuffed her too and i got the 2nd meeting on the second floor i think you just had a glitch.

What level does it say Seraphine is in the Social tab? If you completed the first event it should say she’s level 0. The only reasons you shouldn’t be getting the 2nd event are a) you viewed it already on that character, or b) you haven’t done the first event. If both those statements are false then there’s a bug I’ll need to look into.

Her social level is zero and this character hasn’t seen it and I have done the first event

Keep in mind your friendship won’t go up if you say no or suggest her to eat them.