[CLOSED] WG Fate Accelerated Campaign.

I have another idea for a campaign I’d like to try using the Fate Accelerated rules. This one I have a story for. A group of ladies get transported from their home worlds to another world by a witch, who places a curse on them. Every week, all the fat they’ve gained gets stolen by the witch to fuel her magic powers, and if they don’t meet a certain quota of pounds- then the witch takes other kinds of flesh away from them instead. The focus will be on trying to find the resources to fatten up as much as possible within a time limit, while finding ways to end this perpetual cycle of gaining and finally have something permanent.


Pros of this campaign:

  • Easy rules system: Fate Accelerated has only a 30-page rulebook as opposed to the 300 pages of D&D5e. An excellent choice for players just starting to play tabletop RPGs.
  • Open-ended character creator: A witch, a knight, a soccer mom, and a high school girl are all workable choices in Fate Accelerated. You can play whatever kind of character you want to be and still succeed in the game.

Cons of this campaign:

  • I have never been GM for Fate Accelerated.

Mark me down as someone interested. Would this be done through Roll20 or another virtual tabletop setup?

Probably Roll20 since it has the special dice needed for this game.

That sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t have time for another campaign at the moment, but I love the Fate system and I’m glad to see it getting some love. I like the twisted fairy tale vibe you’re describing too.

You could do all kinds of fun stuff with the mechanics…a stress track for Fatness maybe, or racking up Consequences to represent it getting harder to do physical exertion the bigger they get. Maybe even a Stunt to help them gain weight, or to take advantage of weight when they can manage to temporarily put some on.

I hope you get some more interest and can get a fun campaign going!

Sounds good. Haven’t done anything with this rule set yet, but if it is that few pages, I should be able to learn it fast.