Coldsteelj sprites for Rim World (in progress)

Sharing my sprites for Rim World weight gain modifications. Currently it include 6 different weight phases for female characters. For each weight phase there is three additional sprites with different belly sizes which could be used in stuffing system. For male characters I made only sprites for base thin body shape. I am planning to create for males normal and fat body shape too. For female characters I am planning to create more weight phases and I will post updates here.
This demonstration picture don’t include sprites with different belly sizes, but with that you can see the main course of design:

RimWorld Ver_1_0 (Coldsteelj).zip (1.6 MB)


These look really good! I can’t wait to see the stuffed versions!

Download archive and see by yourself.

This is really great work, coldsteelj! I love all of the projects you work on, especially your Fallout 4 mod.