Coldsteelj sprites for RPG maker.

Uploading my sprites here. Maybe someone would like to use it.


very good job, I congratulate you

Wow, those are incredible!

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I like how subtle and gradual the gain is. Very well done.

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These look really nice. Although, if I have one thing to criticize, it’s a bit weird how the side views have the belly and breasts cheated towards the camera while the face and legs are not.

In case I need to clarify, “cheating” or “cheating out” refers to an acting technique in which the actor turns his/her body slightly towards the camera/audience when addressing something/someone to the side. For example, imagine two people standing next to each other and positioned so that they’re both equally visible to you. Now, imagine that they’re talking to each other without acknowledging you. In reality, those two people would be facing each other, each facing a direction perpendicular to the direction you’re facing. In a film or a play, actors will often turn their bodies slightly towards the audience so that their body language is more readable. This happens a lot in traditional sitcoms.

It looks weird when these sprites do it because it looks like the girl is twisting her torso towards the camera separately from her head and legs. Furthermore, it makes her breasts look disproportionate in the side views, with the far breast looking much larger than the near breast.

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hi i really want to use the sprites but my question is what type of rpg maker do i need? And how i put the sprites in the game?

I tested it in RPG Maker MV. I am not teaching of how to create games in RPG maker.

Okey thank you anyway :+1:

ooh i might use these with credit of course