Collection of mods for skyrim

Does anyone have some kind of collection of mods with the weight-gain related ones for skyrim (like on Vortex)?
I tried to download mods like Winterweight and Devourment Refractor, but for some reason they don’t work (as well as mods, that are required to run the ones already mentioned).

P.S. sorry for bad english in advance

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Thoses mods work. I heard (in the commentary section of the mod) that winterweight had some light problems, tho.
Use Vortex to auto-install devourment factor prerequises, as indicated in the mod page. Follow step by step all the requirements (like manually building bodys in bodyslide !) needed for both mods to work.
Be careful to be on the anniversary update of skyrim (and not the SE downscaler mod) in order to let devourment works.
Thoses two mods work greatly with each other and are complementary.

Now there is thoses 2 posts with lists and talkings of mod related to skyrim that may give you answers:

List of Skyrim Mods for weight gain
Skyrim weight gain thread mod


Thanks for the information!
I tried installing mods individually and some of them started working. But Winterweight and Refractor didn’t work. What’s also notable is that one of the Papyrys extensions doesn’t work because some of the dll files cannot start. The same problem appeared with Refractor mod, but another dll file stopped running there
I’ll try downloading the Devourment collection once again.

Be careful to install the correct DLL versions of mods, the anniversary (AE) ones. Or it won’t work.
Some patience and you’ll be good !

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