Companionz 1 (Upcoming WG Petz inspired game)

Ever since I took a break from game dev I have come up with some great ideas for upcoming games and one of them is Companionz 1 do you remember that old yet very popular game series Dogz or Catz But Also Known As Petz Well This Game Is Gonna Be Very Similar But Replace The Dog and Cats And You Have Many Companions to care for make them as big as you want turn them into a slob never bathe them and they start to develop ugly reactions and plenty of filth every companion is unique in their own way everything In this game will become almost completely realistic and to up the realism you will have the ability to enable permadeath if you want to allow your companions to die but remember once dead stays dead and yes permadeath is completely optional it will not be forced on you and if you choose to keep permadeath disabled instead of your companions dieing on you instead when they should have died they will instead end up in the clinic and you won’t be able to retrieve your companion until a certain amount of time plus you also have an optional choice to enable real time if you want which adds even more realism where the entire game will be based on real time and yes it will still have the same idea as Petz it’ll be your virtual companions displayed all over your computer screen I hope you’re excited stay tuned for more news on this game here and on my discord


Great interest

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