concept of game: Isekai: The Demon Lord Arrived in My Backyard

Important Note

My native language is not English, so if you notice any errors or something that doesn’t make sense, please excuse me.


Our protagonist, Aiko, has inherited a house in a small town near the city from her deceased grandparents. As Aiko organizes her things, she hears a strange noise in the backyard and discovers someone there who appears to be injured. She decides to help and, upon closer inspection, realizes that the person is a girl with horns. Despite her hesitation, Aiko brings her inside. The girl wakes up on guard, and Aiko, though frightened, gathers her courage and explains how she found her. The girl introduces herself as the Demon Lord Abyssia.


The game will feature one playable character and seven characters that can be fattened, including the protagonist.

The protagonist, Aiko, must search for other characters who are likely also in the town, following certain clues (simple puzzles).

Additionally, there will be a farming and crafting (cooking) mechanic. I’m also considering implementing a turn-based RPG hunting system, where the Demon Lord grants the protagonist powers to go hunting.

So far, I’ve defined the Demon Lord Abyssia and Aiko (a human). I also plan to create characters of the following races: elf, minotaur, catgirl (nekomimi), goblin girl, among others, so the number of characters may vary.

Currently, I am working on the concept art for the characters:

Abyssia Alpha

NOTE: I am not an artist, so the proportions may be off, but I will improve them over time.

Question About Patreon

I am considering starting a Patreon, but I am worried that updates may not be very frequent because I am a university student. There will be times when updates will take longer.

Why a Patreon?

  1. To obtain an Adobe Photoshop license so I can change the sprites within RPG Maker.
  2. I have plans for future games, but I will need tools to develop them.

The programs I currently have are RPG maker and piskel for the art.

Language of the Game

Finally, should I release the game in Spanish or English (help with AI)? Because I want to release an alpha and demo version of the game. After that, if I open a Patreon, I’ll continue releasing game versions. Previous versions will be available as free demos, while the latest versions will be Patreon exclusives.

I love weight gain and feederism games in general, and seeing all the projects in this community has also inspired me to create one.

Thank you very much, I look forward to your comments.