Concept: WG/Stuffing Monster Collecting game

So I had an idea for a monster collecting game (Pokemon, Digimon World, DQM) idea.

So here’s how it is, it kinda puts together the Digimon World games and Fighting Foodons. Your mons are all different types of Food Golems controlled by magic cores that are the mon’s actual personalities. Instead of catching mons you essentially “cook/bake” bodies for them from recipes.

Aside from this the trainer itself actually plays a role and here’s where the WG comes in
instead of the battle being over when your party wipes, when a Mon runs out of health they pretty much eject from their food body and through magical means, the trainer is force fed the meal they made. When a mon faints you can either swap it out for another mon or cook a new body for it and send it right back out (little note, each core has it’s own chain of food bodies that it’s compatible with). The trainer has their own fullness gauge and once the fullness gauge has been filled, that’s when the battle is over.

There are ways to make the gauge go down mid battle though

  1. Wait as the gauge ticks down every turn a little bit but this isn’t completely reliable
  2. use items that flush down the gauge HOWEVER this itself has it’s own consequences

Flush out too much fullness and it’ll force you to gain weight. Gaining weight will cause your trainer to have chances of becoming too lethargic to give orders to their food mons. The heavier you are, the higher the chance of this happening. You can bypass this at higher weights by using energy drinks, these will make your trainer focused but will add fullness. Also whenever your party wipes and you’re sent back to a safe zone, you automatically go up a weight class

There are ways to go down a weight class which are either

  1. Walking around the overworld to burn fat, its the slowest method
  2. Using exercise items, pricey but effective
  3. Using an exercise center in towns which immediately flush down weight

The way you get new core types to unlock new food monster chains is through battle. Once you’ve fought a monster of a specific chain enough times you will learn how to create that core and you can create that chain’s core and begin making food monsters for it.



I have a feeling a game like that would require a lot of RNG programming, just like games like Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh

SOunds fun though! I love monster training games! And a WG themed one would be… Delicious!


Food monsters that have to be eaten if you lose? Sounds interesting. Can the monsters get fatter too, so I can build a collection of chunky monster waifus?


Some evolutions would most likely be fatter, thus making for more filling meals!

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Just wanted to log on to say how creative and original this is for a weight gain game, and best of all, it sounds like it could make a really cohesive game. Would be splendid to see this come to fruition. It could be a super effective game


This sounds like a good idea, but you’d have to be willing to program it all. Otherwise I’d defiantly play it!

Defiantly? XD
I think you mean definitely. Here, a trick I discovered with the spelling: Start with “De”, then type “finite”(like, has a limit, the opposite of infinite), and then “ly”.

A question about the game now… …once I get my words together… XD

AH, yes! Do the monsters have their OWN weight levels? can THEY get fat? Making eating them even MORE fattening?

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No, food monsters won’t gain weight as the trainer would, however their evolutions would be bigger meals thus having larger forms. Some evolved meal-golems will fill your stomach more than others, and sometimes an evolution would end up making the size of the meal smaller. All in all, weight gain is tied to the trainer themselves.

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Well, it certainly sounds fun! I hope it gets off the ground!

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These Food-Golems, Meal-Golems, whatever they will be called when this is fleshed out, do they take the appearance of actual golems, or are they just regular looking creatures that take the appearence of food with a specific area that houses their magical cores?

Golem is just a general term since they’re constructs. Each meal will look different than the other with some resembling shapes of dragon, knights, wolves, etc.

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