Confirmed Artist and updates for the Overlord Wg Project.

At this current time the story is in the draft phase will be moving towards the final phase soon. We also are working toward making a funding campaign which will be made public later. Lastly all the artist and some other roles have been picked. We are still deciding on some other roles but so far we have
Main Characters
-Shalltear Mihai88
-Albedo CakeCatboy aka cake hoarder
-Aura Jaykuma
Side characters
-Ainz Bamboo-ale
-Yuri alpha Better-with-salt
-Solution Mysterydad
-CZ2128 Delta MacNova
-Lupusregina The-Pervert-Within
-Entoma Itoahs
-Narberal Happypal
And for the other roles we have
Bamboo-Ale for the backgrounds, cakecatboy and purine for the coding, Doctor blackjack for the story, Candlebars for cover and background work, and Post-bop for the sound. We are still deciding whether will incorporate VA’s yet. But that’s all for now will try to make constant updates for you guys and make to sure to ask questions if you have some.


Quite the line-up you’ve got there, best of luck on the project!

Thank you tried my best getting them so glad you think that.

Hope the project goes well it looks like it’s gunna be a blast best of luck

Thank you I hope we will

If you were going to do VA It’d probably best just to do the girls. Voicing Ainz would probably kill some immersion and I defy anyone to say the world Albedo in an American accent without sounding dumb. Ends up sounding like Albedoe every time.

Yea that would make sense but we’re still deciding whether or not we will have them

will there be inflation?

Sadly no just weight gain