Content rating system?

This is just a thought I was having~ It might just be a me-thing, but I think it might be useful for others too.

I’ve been covering many vore and fatfur games from around the internet on my YouTube/Twitch, including many from here. (This place has been a great resource!)

But I generally always have to get somebody else on my team to play-test the games beforehand to make absolutely sure they’re not NSFW, due to the platforms I’m using. Sometimes it’s fairly obvious based on the game’s page here, but there’s usually no perfectly-clear indication. (…At least, that I can see; maybe I’m missing something?)

So I wanted to suggest, maybe there could be a simple content-rating system (General, Mature, Adult) people could use when sharing their games?


it might also be worth having a tag that tells you if the NSFW stuff is easily avoided. like in Soft Fantasies all the NSFW options are clearly labeled and you can just choose not to see them or a game that have a SFW option in the menus (don’t think I have seen that though)


Most games are going to be rated 18+ but I think the ESRB rating system can’t be used without permission, so WGF would have to come up with their own system that is similar but different. Good idea!

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Yeah, just a tag would be great! A required addition of a content-rating tag to indicate what rating your project fits into, say? I notice we already have a pretty robust tagging system here already so it’d be easy to encourage.

(Soft Fantasies is a nice in-game example; I actually plan to cover it and will just be careful to avoid the well-signposted NSFW options.)

It would just be a great thing in general too, because I know there are plenty of vore and fat fans who don’t have any sexual interest in those topics, and would like to avoid the smuttier versions of that stuff.

But yes, there would have to be its own set of tags determined by WG staff. My General/Mature/Adult example was just taken from FurAffinity’s system for this, which could just potentially be lifted for WG.

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I’m pretty sure the rules of this website dictate that we have to be full adults before we are allowed to join.

That is true Tombot, but it doesn’t make my point wrong. Just because we’re all adults here it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be useful to have a bit of extra information about the games we are wanting to play. I can promise you that some people joined this site for the SFW content, even being adults that can technically look at anything they want. :slight_smile:


I Suppose so. A content warning wouldn’t be remiss if you don’t want to get a facefull of something you really don’t want to see. But I don’t think an age rating would really make much sense for this purpose due to the reasons I’ve stated (please don’t try to show this stuff to people under 18, for any reason), I think we’d need to go into more specific detail about the content instead.

I do not see why not. We have plans for that on the main site though that is more due to ToS issues with certain payment processors but I see no harm in adding a NSFW tag though I wonder if a SFW tag may be better as NSFW might be the default.

Ill bring it up with the other admins.

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@Tombot I do show my videos publicly but that’s why I’m pretty picky about which games I play too. I agree though, we don’t need an age rating, just a heads-up tag.

@grotlover2 Yeah, a SFW tag would make more sense I suppose. :slight_smile: That would serve the same purpose and probably require less overall effort for people. Thanks for considering this!

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