Cool Idea that probably won't happen

When I saw someone made an entire anime intro for the plus sized comics by Dr. Blackjack. It had me thinking. How cool would it be for an entire anime or cartoon series based around BBW and weight gain. I’m not sure what the whole plot of the series would be and what characters it would have but a whole BBW/Weight gain anime or cartoon series would be cool. What do you guys think?


considering hentai exists and there is a BE anime (i think) it could be possible but it would probally not be too popular and if rushed well…


Could you post a link to that anime intro?


Would be cool, but probably won’t happen anytime soon, at least on the anime side of things.

While there are plenty of anime that exist solely to cater to niche fetishes, BBW and weight gain really isn’t well-represented, even on the hentai manga side of things.

The closest it’s come to being popular is the Plus-Size Elf manga by Synecdoche (used to do hentai as Methonium), so maybe if it gets a good adaptation, others may eventually follow…

well, never say never, as soon as a big company sees dollars or someone who eants it to happen invest enough we could get it, market’s more than definetely BIG enoughXD

True enough. Might as well post the few anime BBW examples I know of that are legit (i.e. a conscious design choice that is semi-permanent, and not intended to be ugly and or comedic):

Nikuko from Oshiete! Galko-chan

The token “fat” character of the show, she breaks several stereotypes by being a fast runner, proud of her body type, and generally a super-nice person to be around.

Doesn’t appear often, but the show’s definitely worth a watch; despite having a lot of fanservice, it’s all about how the “token” characters have unique personalities and interests that go deeper than their appearances.

Real Drive

real drive

Don’t ask me about the sci-fi plot of this show (from the director of Ghost in the Shell: SAC), but I definitely remember the female characters having much fuller figures than is the norm. The staff was apparently trying for a more realistic design in that people in developed nations tend to be a few pounds overweight.

Doesn’t particularly lean into the fanservice, so I can’t recommend watching the whole show just for the BBW.

Also, Debutopia and its sequel.

Link definitely NSFW, these hentai VNs are the only two Japanese-made VNs I know of that deal specifically with BBW. Never played them myself, as there’s never been any English translations as far as I know.

That’s really all I’m aware of, though maybe I can think of a few more after I’ve had a nap…


There’s also Fairy Tail’s own Wendy Marvell (who kind of predates and reminds me a bit of Steven Universe’s Amethyst in terms of her smile) who can shift between fat and thin forms at will.