Corpulent Collapse

“Well that’s one way to demolish a building…”

The elevators in this abandoned building are broken. With enough weight, they’ll move and take you to the next floor. But who says you have to stop there?
Push your limits and try to gain as much weight as possible before moving to the next floor. But be careful! This old building can only handle so much. Get too greedy and you might break through the floor and get stuck!

Game Made and Programmed by MaxDigital (DeviantArt,
Textures, Level Design, and Character Design by DegeneratePump (Itaku)
Character Model and Rig by SolitaryScribbles (DeviantArt, Itaku, Tumblr,


Wow, a real stealth entry sneaking in here! Awesome :sunglasses:

A nice fun short game, I really enjoyed this :slight_smile:


Game itself is really good, I’m particularly impressed with the fluid WG animation.

But I would really, REALLY appreciate it if devs would just please name their files something more creative than so I don’t have to mess around a shit ton of folders with the EXACT SAME FILE NAME in my downloads without any way to tell which program is which besides having to open every single one to see what it says on the title screen.

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I manually rename mine to the title after downloading, really helps but it’s probably since all the devs are working on a file at once and it gets passed about a lot not to confused a team.

Again, it’s a game jam so there’s already a bunch of games to look at and download. It’s hard enough to keep track of all of them as it is.

By the time someone has finished downloading a new file, they’ve probably been using that time playing a different game or checking out what they want to download next so they’re not gonna remember which different variant of that file they downloaded when it has, I repeat, the exact same name as so many others they’re looking at.

Literally all the dev has to do is change the file’s name before uploading it. They shouldn’t be pushing that work onto the end user.

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As said in comments prior, great fluid animation. Simple design and structure, simple premise. Gets to the point, and executes it well.

Praises: Great fluid motion, easy controls, simple game with easy-to-understand playability

Critiques: The apple-crunch sound was a bit out-of-place in my taste, and the posture of the woman is very . . . back breaking.

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This was a good idea I love that it is easy to pick up and game also it is short so that you can go back and to get Even BIGGER.

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Nice short game, really interesting application of the theme

Simple and intuitive with good, clean visuals. Fun arcade action with a bit more of a puzzley element when planning a good route. Can’t fault this entry!