Corpus, yet another perpetually unfinished wg text adventure engine/game (new poll 7/16/19)

Corpus is a text adventure engine/game that I’m working on that’s taking heavy (har har) influence from Tuerris Puesco, Tainted Elysium, and NoOne’s FTAG.
Discord server: click this

Update (8/2/19):
small update because I’ve been dead the past couple of weeks: been super busy with work and other projects. I’ll check back in in a week but haven’t had much time to work on this.

Update (7/17/19):
I recently finally played corruption of champions. Pretty neat.
It made me realize I do not have robust functionality for genitalia.
Should I expand on this?:

  • Give me detailed pebis simulation (strongly preferred)
  • I would prefer more detail but it’s not a dealbreaker (light prefered)
  • I don’t care I just wanna beat my meat(neutral)
  • I would prefer a pref option for no detailed peepis (lightly opposed)
  • Just the presence of detailed peenor and vageen is enough to turn me off (strongly opposed)

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Update (7/7/19)

I’m back. I don’t know for how long, but I’m back.
I made a shitty low effort discord because that’s the trendy thing that the youths are doing these days or something.
Join it and ping me if you think I’m dead and I probably won’t respond: Discord

Update (10/10)

When playing a game of this nature, I’m looking for:

[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3]
  • In-depth character customization
  • Lots of variety
  • Good one off events
  • Overarching story
  • NPC Interaction
  • Good gameplay
  • A refined UI
  • Expansive worlds
  • Non-fetish story elements
  • Good puzzles
  • Challenging bosses
[/: [poll ]

I’m getting close to a prealpha release so I decided to make a roadmap. (note to past me: haha what were you thinking idiot) This isn’t finalized, but here’s a rough list of stuff that I haven’t done yet that I’m going to have in each version



Engine 0.1

  • Player Description (half finished)
  • New game generation
  • Failure conditions
  • NPCs

Engine 0.2

  • Battles

Engine 0.3

  • Inventory | started
  • Items | started
  • Equipables | started

Engine 0.4

  • Shops

Engine 0.5

  • Saving

Engine 0.6

  • Nearby system

Engine 0.7

  • Wall/Maze Generation

Engine 0.8

  • Map system

Engine 1.0

  • Full set of Effects/Conditionals

Engine Post 1.0 Features

  • More complicated of NPC persistence?
  • Party members?
  • Unit conversion?
  • GUI Editors?
  • Modular packages system?

Game Prealpha

  • Engine 0.1
  • Tutorial + basic area finished
  • Basic descriptions as proof of concept

Game Alpha

  • ???

Game Beta

  • Engine 1.0
  • At least town area + 2 areas finished
  • At least 10+ species with descriptions
  • At least 20+ items
  • At least 5+ player skills/spells
  • At least 10+ unique enemies with full failure/win condition sets
  • At least 30+ unique events/encounters

ETA on a prerelease: when it’s ready 2 Weeks if nothing else comes up. That was optimistic. It might still happen but I want a bit more to be in a basic prerelease.
never lol ehhh I don’t really know.

Git repo here: Plebian / Corpus · GitLab

Since a list of features is a bit stupid now since I’ve got a good amount implemented, here’s some idea of stuff I want to focus on:

  • Minimal numbers (in gameplay and writing). Fuck numbers, so much stuff should be described with words instead of just +10 to some abstract stats.
  • Fast content creation. I want making new events and enemy encounters in the like to be as streamlined as possible from writing to implementation.
  • Meaningful player choices. A lot of text adventures are either more like a railed experience or have open ended gameplay but no real choices. I want to give you a lot of options.
  • Battles with a degree of depth. Grinding is stupid, and battles that basically boil down to “higher stats wins” are equally unfun.
  • Intriguing worlds. Your typical high fantasy has been done to death, I want some variety and out there stuff. Boundless was insane and I’m not making something like that, but I found it’s outrageous worldbuilding wonderful.
  • Not taking itself too seriously. I just can’t take something like this purely serious for whatever reason, and considering what it is, I think a bit of self awareness is a good thing.

If I get more good ideas I’ll jot them down here, but that’s about it for now.

I am still looking for more writers, drop me a PM if you’re interested.

Oh yeah, here’s some screenshots:

Still not really anything exciting to show, it’s a text adventure.


I’m kinda interested. Granted, I’m stuck on a tablet for the foreseeable future and can’t play anything, but still. Nothing wrong with more creation suites.

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nice! UI looks nice so far, looking forward to what else you make out of this.

Looking forward to it!

Can’t weight to see what this becomes!


Hey @A_Plebian how come whenever I try to run the .jar file it always says there is some type of error? Help me please.

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Might have to dabble in this!

I’m not sure exactly what you’re running or how you’re building it. It would help a lot if you posted the error you’re getting.

Text formatter now actually works:



Really bad programming?!

Dog, I am IN!

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I have commit sins of the like only spoken about in legends.

I swear that the much more logical way of doing this wasn’t working for no discernible reason. But this works fine.
Still not as bad as my map submap function.

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Oh my! That’s almost hypnotically verbose.

Using a POJO wrapped in a SimpleObjectProperty tends to involve a lot less typing (or at least cut n paste) with JavaFX, and a generic event handler can decide what needs changing based on which UI object triggered the event. I’m not sure how that would work with the framework you are using though.

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The framework I’m using uses functional ui builders, and you can just stick the builders in a loop and it will add it multiple times. It is how I am adding all the buttons to the main screen for example. ListViews are really fiddly though and gave me a lot of trouble in the past as well, and for some reason here they just weren’t even binding to a backing list when the list was in another list. I fought with it for about 4 hours before finally giving up and going with the nuclear solution.


After a lot of blood, sweat, tears, mental anguish, and more tears, the character creator works.

Please don’t look at the code for it.
I’m probably going to come back and add some more stuff like stats and the like but only when I’m feeling particularly self loathing.


What kinds of beast races are you planning to add to the game in the future? I saw the description of the human race and it mentioned “beastraces” so I was curious.

I plan to mostly be adding by request. Pretty much anything is fair game (with some exceptions, like stupid meme shit or “they only look 11 they’re actually 1000 years old” garbage), and even if I outright reject something you can still add it yourself if you want to. That’s why the editor is there.

I just added a shitload of new info to the main post so I’m self bumping.

Really looking forward to seeing this engine develop. I really would love to make games like Boundless, Corruption of Champions, and Trials in Tainted Space but I never understood how to properly get into making this sort of game, so this looks like a good step forward.

If you’re interested in developing on the engine, I could get you set up with a prerelease version. I’m trying to think ahead as much as possible to preserve backwards compatibility going forward, so hopefully you could write something now and it would still be good for a ways into development. I’ve written a good amount of documentation, and it would be useful to know weakpoints in it. I obviously am not going to have an easy time doing that considering I’m the one making it so things are inherently going to make sense to me.

I honestly can’t wait to see how everything ends up. I would offer to try and help with writing, but I’m always inconsintant when it comes to being active on these sites, but I’m hoping this is good

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